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TX-1 Recording Tachometer, Pedestal Mount
TX-1 Recording Tachometer, Pedestal Mount 
A Revolution in Gauge Technology!

Designed especially for Sleds and ATV’s, this rugged built Tachometer is ready for this seasons aggressive runs. The TX-1 Records and Re-Plays the run for clearer, precise information. The Re-play offers selectable playback speed, Pause and rewind features, Cool Blue backlighting. A/C & DC operation make the TX-1 the perfect Tach.

With a TX-1 Recording Tach you can:

* Monitor and Record Engine RPM.
* Recall Maximum RPM.
* Scroll through the recorded run on the digital screen.
* Record Run for a full 1, 5 or 10 minutes. Step through the stored run in real time or 1/3 time increments.
* Control the gauge from a single, easy-to-reach push button to activate recording.
* Record feature can be setup for a RPM threshold, to start recording at a designated RPM, so no recording time is lost.
* Settable shift / warning LED light.
* Pause run at any point or rewind & fast forward to examine run.
* Examine run down to 1/hundredth of second.
* Use in full daylight or complete darkness, at temperatures from above 130° F to below -20° F.
* Shown w/ optional alarm light.
* Battery not required

Power~8-16v AC or DC Voltage
Range~Operation Temperatures 130 degrees F to -20F
Accurate~Digital stepper motor design proven in racing conditions
Versatile~Only tach available to connect directly to distributor-less ignitions WITHOUT requiring any special tach adapter modules. This makes the installation much simpler than other instruments currently on the market.


Item # 16-137
Weight 1.16 lbs
Price: $344.95


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Optional Accessories
16-152 Voltage Regulator, ea.
16-139 Shift/Alarm Light, TX-1

Replacement Parts
16-140 Remote Switch Replacement, TX-1
16-141 Mounting Strap Replacement Kit
16-143 Replacement Lens Kit, Pedestal Mount

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