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Mikuni VM Carburetors
Mikuni VM Carburetors 
The tune ability of the VM Round-Slide Mikuni carburetor is hard to beat. All come standard with a cable type choke except for the VM 18, which has a lever type choke. Pre-jetting is available to your specs for an additional $25.00 per carb. Vm40 carbs are no longer available through Mikuni. VM48 carbs are special order. The VM18 and VM20 carbs are a clamp style mount and are not as pictured.

Part Number Size Main Jet Needle Jet Jet Needle Pilot Jet Needle & Seat Slide
06-101 VM18 80 145, 0-6 4F18 30 1.5 3
06-102 VM34 330 159, Q-0 6DH3 30 1.5 2.5
06-104 VM36 310 159, Q-5 6DH4 35 1.5 2.5
06-108 VM38 360 166, Q-0 6DH3 40 1.5 2.5
06-116 VM44 540 244, AA-5 7DH2 35 1.5 1.5

  Description Price Buy
06-101...VM18 Carb
06-102...VM34 Carb
06-104...VM36 Carb
06-108...VM38 Carb
06-116...VM44 Carb

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