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OEM Replacement Tracks, Polaris XC-120
Item #: 15-060

Genuine stock OEM replacement track for the Polaris XC-120cc machines.

Polaris Primary Drive Clutches
Item #: 07-695

All genuine Polaris P-85 Clutches have the open-face design to allow for better cooling of the sheaves and longer belt life. It has always been a goal for manufacturers to build a clutch as good as this one. All clutches come standard with machined sheaves and captivated towers. Clutches noted “Heel Clicker” are machined to accept Heel Clicker weights. Weights and springs are sold separately.

Diameter is 7.875"

Torque Arms
Item #: 11-276
The only Torque Arm you want! With a new design, Rubber dampening torque arms decrease vibration but still limit engine movement increasing belt life and acceleration.

OEM Replacement Drive Sprocket
Item #: 15-062

Genuine stock OEM replacement drive sprockets for Polaris and Arctic 120cc machines.

"SuperStock" Motor Mounts, Polaris
Item #: 12-117
These mounts limit the amount of engine movement, keeping clutches in alignment. The mounts are available in hard 90 durometer.

Clutch Pullers
Item #: 07-287
A puller manufactured by Micro Belmont Engineering that is long enough to extend outside your belly pan. In some 108 EXP and 108 4-PRO Comet puller applications the thread should be measured to ensure proper puller fit.

Genuine Keihin Pilot Jets
Item #: 06-527
For Polaris Keihin carbs, 600 and 700 XC's. Series “21”.

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