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Stainless Steel Locking Ties
Item #: 11-565

Locking ties are perfect for securing wrap to pipes with it's self locking design. Locking ties offer many other uses uncluding bundling wires, hoses and much more. Just slide end into locking mechanism and pull tight. Constructed of high grade 304 stainless steel and capable of withstanding heat in excess of 2500ºF. Available in different lengths.

Locking Tie Tool
Item #: 11-568

This effective tool is used to tighten Stainless Steel Locking ties (See 11-565, 11-566, 11-567) The tool saves time and hassle while providing professional looking results. Simply slide the tool on the end of any 1/4" nut driver, engage the tie and twist. This gets the tie nice and secure. Will fit on the end of any standard 1/4" drive extension so working in tight spaces is no problem. Works with all popular styles of stainlss ties up to 1/2" wide. Made from hardened tool steel and black oxide coated for years of trouble free use.

Radius Rod Retaining Plate, Bulkhead, F-500
Item #: 17-849

Radius Rod Retaining Plate ties the center four rod ends together.

Stud Bolt, Tie Rod Adjuster
Item #: 03-298

A 3/8”-24 threaded RH/LH tie rod adjuster as found on many vintage snowmobiles. Includes jam nuts.

Venom Tied Helixes
Item #: 07-8131

Venom Tied Helixes work with the newer TEAM Tied Clutch.

Venom by TEAM Tied Secondary Clutch
Item #: 07-813

TEAM Industries introduces the most advanced driven clutch in the snowmobile industry. The TEAM Tied Driven Clutch is an improvement from the TSS-04, in that the moveable sheave opens axially to the stationary sheave without rotational movement. This translates to no scrubbing motion on the belt face producing less heat and friction. Additionally all torque is transmitted through the helix, making clutch tuning much more precise. Does not include helix or spring.

Tie Rod F-500
Item #: 17-850
Aluminum Tie Rods for F-500. Available for PTO or MAG side

Radius Rod & Tie Rod Kit F-500
Item #: 17-856A
This Radius Rod & Tie Rod Kit for the F-500's is made of aluminum. Includes rods only. Rod ends sold separately.
Radius & Tie Rod Spacer Kit, F-500
Item #: 17-857A
Radius & Tie Rod Spacer Kit, F-500 Includes 6 outer 3/8" ID spacers, 6 upper center 7/16" ID spacers and 4 lower center 1/2" ID spacers.
Tie Down Kit, Hood
Item #: 14-317

Includes two Polaris rubber straps, plastic hooks and fasteners.

TEAM Clutch Tool Kits
Item #: 08-110
Kit includes belt-removal tool, T-27 Torx wrench, 1/8” Allen wrench, spacers and instructions. Fits either TEAM Secondary Rapid Reaction (TSS-04) or TEAM Tied Clutches.

Aurora Rod Ends
Item #: 03-336

4130 steel, Teflon lined, gold cadium plated aircraft style rod ends for tie and radius rods with solid shanks. The body of these ends is not heat treated. The Teflon lining keeps the joints tight and eliminates free play. Supplied with jam nuts.

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