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Digital Clutch Spring Tester
Item #: 07-259
The new digital clutch spring tester by RecTech Tools was designed for the serious clutch tuners in the snowmobile and UTV side by side world. It has the same billet aluminum body as our lower priced dial gauge model but with a ton of new features. The new (patented) Digital gauge has Superb Accuracy +/- .25 % with a pressure range from 0 to 750lbs. which lets you test the heaviest primary or secondary spring. It has a (Auto 0 and peak recall) feature, with ability to read in LBS, BAR or MPa on the display screen. And like our other model tester it can be used in a rill, vice or arbor press.
ISR Fuel Test Valve Kit
Item #: 06-739A
Fuel Test Valve Kit, ISR Approved for use in Champ 440 Class

Brower Timing System
Item #: 16-368

Brower Timing Systems is proud to introduce the all New Test Center Timing System. With Brower Timings dedication to portability and ease of use, the TCi-System can all fit into a single lumbar pack making it the perfect tool for personal tuning and timing events. The TCi-System is designed to capture and organize testing data so at the end of the day each racer will have a profile with all of the day's tests and results.


  • Wireless timing with a range of up to 1100 feet
  • Accuracy to the 1/1000th of a second Miles per hour and kph mode allows racers to measure speed and time
  • Users can add up to 20 splits and store up to 499 number identified racers in the TC-Timer memory.
  • With the Smartphone Interface option all timer data can be downloaded to Smartphone or PC with the free Test Center App


  • TCi-Timer
  • Start TC-Photo Gate A & B
  • Finish TC-Photo Gate A & B
  • 4 or 6 Tripods (6" Tall)
  • Storage Lumbar Pack

(This kit is assembled specifically for snowmobile and motorsport applications. Will not work for track and field purposes)

KOSO GPS Lap Timer
Item #: 16-159

With popular demand the KOSO engineering crew has developed a GPS lap timer for professional and amateur riders. This multifunction tool is perfect for drag, oval, closed circuit and with 200 lap recording memory, enduro racers. Using GPS technology you get precise, accurate readings without having to install beacons.
   The instrument will display your best run and time difference between runs along with speed, average speed and many other great functions. The Power-Test function allows the user to record time/distance or speed/time. It offers GPS satellite position and signal strength, stopwatch and comparison table, speedometer and track mapping for timing different track sections.
   Instrument dimension is 2.430” x 4.240” and .815”. It requires 12V power. GPS transmitter is included.

Clutch Spring Tester
Item #: 07-267

This tester is a must have for anyone doing clutch tuning and performance work. Composed of billet aluminum and available in two sizes with a capacity of up to 400 or 600 pounds.The 400 lb tester reads in increments of 5 lbs while the 600 reads is 10 lbs within 2% accuracy. Designed to be used in a drill press, vice or arbor press.

Woody's Grand Master Stud
Item #: 04-164
Grand Master™ NEW THE 1.325" PACKAGES HAVE THE ALN2-4500 BIG NUTS INCLUDED. OEM TESTED AND APPROVED FOR SINGLE PLY TRACKS ONLY. Woody's Grand Master™ with a larger 1.200 head provides a larger anchor to distribute pressure over a wider area on the single ply track. The Grand Master™ is available in two stud lengths, 1.075. with standard nuts and the 1.325 with ALN2-4500 Big Nuts in package in quantities of 12, 24, 84 and 500.

Polaris Synthetic Chaincase Oil, Qt.
Item #: 09-161

The lube you’ll want to prevent rust, oxidation and corrosion of internal chaincase components. Engineered and tested by Polaris for snowmobile chains and sprockets. Provides maximum protection for extreme operating temperatures. Low sulfur additive resists thermal break-down. Offered by Wahl Bros. in the quart size only.



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