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Titanium Jackshafts
Item #: 05-170

Titanium drive and jackshafts are known for their strength and lightweight abilities. Titanium is half the weight of steel, which makes for quicker RPM's and higher speeds. Increased diameter reduces flexibility. Each titanium shaft weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds. Special built shafts are available upon request.

Not all titanium shafts are in stock. You will be notified of ship time frame after your order is placed. Minimum lead (ship) time of at least 2 weeks after ordering. Longer lead times in peak seasons.

Yamaha UHMW Slides
Item #: 02-018

Standard UHMW Slide, 55'', Yamaha, '99-'01 Phazer, SRX 600 & 700, SX, SXR, SXV, Venture 500, 600, 700, VK, '97-'03 V-Max 500, 600, 700, ea. Profile #20

UHMW slides match factory quality and specifications. Sold individually.

SLP High Perf. Brake Lines
Item #: 08-211

These SLP brake lines are manufactured from the highest quality materials for no compromise in performance. Teflon core, braided stainless steel cover with a PVC outer sheath. Lines are lightweight and flexible with a burst strength of 12,000#. Less hand effort required with up to 70% less expansion for better braking power to the caliper. Specified hoses are longer than stock to allow for taller bar positions.

Super Slippery Slides
Item #: 02-036

Super Slippery Slides, '97-present, V-Max, SX, SRX, Yamaha, 55”

These are the original Super Slippery Slides. Composed of a tough Teflon/UHMW mix, they absolutely cut friction to a bare minimum. Sold Individually.

Ultimax XS Belts
Item #: 07-094

Today's high horsepower machines outperform many of the belts available today. The new Ultimax XS is the belt that racers have been waiting for. Revolutionary new compound and Aramax cord allow the XS to run cooler, longer and faster. Because of the thickness of the XS belt it may look like it is riding high in the secondary. The circumference of these belts measures longer than conventional belts because of the deep top cog. Made in the USA.

"SuperStock" Motor Mounts, Yamaha
Item #: 12-132
These mounts limit the amount of engine movement, keeping clutches in alignment. VMax 500 and 600 require 3 mounts and stiffening ring for left front, VMax 4 requires 4 mounts.

Yamaha HYVO Steel Lower Gears
Item #: 05-871
These lower 3/4” wide HYVO Steel gears for the RX-1, SX, SRX & Viper are composed of heat-treated, case hardening steel. The lower gears will all interchange between models.

Yamaha HYVO Upper Gears
Item #: 05-849
Upper and lower 3/4” wide HYVO Steel gears for the RX-1, SX, SRX & Viper are composed of heat-treated, case hardened steel. The RX-1 upper gears will not interchange with any other models and have a 16 spline.

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