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Woody's Gold Digger Modifides
Item #: 04-172
Highly aggressive stud with a very sharp 45 degree carbide point. This stud was derived from the 60 degree stud with the larger carbide insert.
Limited Quantities
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No Returns

Woody's Carbide Hooker Wedge
Item #: 04-536
The carbide hooker stud is the finest of its type for competition. Used with hooker plates, which are welded to the track clips under the slide rails. This is where the greatest traction is found.
Limited Quantities
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No Returns

Woody's Track Marker, ea.
Item #: 04-710

An excellent tool for marking stud patterns on your track. Easily draws on rubber.

Degree Wheel
Item #: 16-540

A degree wheel may be mounted on the flywheel or PTO end stud to check timing or degree marks. Use in conjunction with a dial indicator for accurate timing or port degree measurements.

Stainless Steel Snaps with Rivets, Male, 3 pcs.
Item #: 17-011A

Stainless Steel 9/16” Diameter stud can be riveted to your helmet for shield fastening or for riveting seat fasteners to your tunnel. Kit includes 3 snaps and rivets.

Woody's Push Thru Carbide Studs
Item #: 04-314
Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master sharp 60 degree carbide point for superb trail traction on hard pack snow and ice. Long lasting durability. 7mm studs come with 7/8" head, 5/16" studs come with a larger 1" head for use on rubber tracks with deep lugs. Sold with lock nuts.
Limited Quantities
Close Out Prices
No Returns

Woody's Titanium Studs
Item #: 04-139
The competition is tough! Woody's® Titanium studs give you the edge over the competition. The 30° Eliminator™ Woody's® Titanium studs are 53% of the weight of it's steel counterpart. 1.200", 7mm thread. TEL-1207 Sold by the piece only. While Supplies Last
Camoplast Speed Run Track
Item #: 02-670

Approved for high speeds, this 15" x 121” track is a .250” thick belt with a smooth outer surface. The track pitch is 2.52”. Stainless steel wear plates are needed for your slides to ride on and help maintain the track integrity at high speeds. They are installed using .875” push through studs. We recommend using 192 plates. You should put one plate on the inside and one on the outside of the track which will allow you to run 4 studs per bar. Track weighs only 17 lbs.

Call for current Price 800-883-0294

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
Steel Chisel Tooth Traction Masters
Item #: 04-483
If you want easy installation and awesome results, then these are the chisels you want. The hook-up on grass and ice is phenomenal. The smaller 1/4"-28 chisel was designed for use on cleated tracks, but can be used in rubber track applications. The 04-472, 04-4721 & 04-4722 5/16" shank studs include aluminum Big Nuts in the packaging.

Hooker Plates
Item #: 04-582A

Available in the angle style or the original flat. Welded onto track clips, they are used for mounting studs under the slide rails for tremendous traction. 1/4”-20 thread. The angle hooker plate can be installed at various angles up to 15 degrees.

Lock Nuts
Item #: 04-686
Nyloc lock nuts are great for ensuring that those push through studs or smaller chassis bolts stay put. Sold in three different sizes, they come 48 to a pack.

Plastic Idler Wheels
Item #: 02-370
Manufactured to OEM specifications, these PPD idler wheels are of the best quality available. The 2 3/4” and 3 1/4” lightweight idlers have a 5/8” I.D., 6202 bearing and all others have the 25mm I.D., 6205 bearing. Wheels from 3 1/4” thru 5.630” have 5/8” I.D. plastic inserts, while others have 3/4” I.D. plastic inserts. Those without inserts are specified. The 2 3/4” and 3 1/4” solid plastic wheels are recommended for use where they do not run over studs and the wheels with rubber (sold separately) are for studded and cleated tracks.

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