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Woody's Steel Stud Mate
Item #: 04-612
Its 45 degree angle lies flush against the track and the track lug. All are 7mm.
Limited Quantities
Close Out Prices
No Returns

Racer Stud Gauge
Item #: 04-701

Racer Stud Gauge, 12" Long

Eliminator Steel Traction Master
Item #: 04-521

This 30 Degree Eliminator Steel Track Master stud by Woody's is now available in the 1.325" length, 5/16" thread. Sold in packs of 48 and includes the ALN2-4500 Short Big Nuts.

5/16" Mega-Bite, Multi-Directional
Item #: 04-144

A unique multi-directional stud with four flat surfaces on the 5/16” shank for additional contact surface that provides enhanced deceleration and acceleration. This hardened stud has a 15/16” head and a 60º carbide tip. Use Woody’s newest traction accessory, the Big Nut, for maximum support on the longest of studs. Use this nut for 1.450” studs and longer. Sold with lock nuts.

Woody's Modified Gold Diggers
Item #: 04-254
This stud's 45 degree machine ground point is for deep penetration and acceleration on the hardest ice. Designed for rubber tracks. Studs from 1" are available with 5/16" thread bodies for increased stud support on deep lug rubber tracks.
Close Out Prices
No Returns

Double Digger Aluminum Support Plates
Item #: 04-716
Double Digger Plates feature a dual stud configuration that will offer more stud rigidity with less weight than two single aluminum plates. They are for use with 5/16” and 7mm studs. The mounting holes are spaced the same as Bender Plates.

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Woody's Grand Master Round Support Plates
Item #: 04-6505
The Grand Digger™ single support plates are available in round or square aluminum. They are packaged in quantities of 12, 48 or 84.Designed for use with the larger 1.200" head Woody's Grand Master Studs. You must use these support plates when installing Grand Master™ studs. Round support plates are not recommended for 2.52 pitch tracks. (Square plates listed separately)

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Standard T-Nuts
Item #: 04-662
These standard T-Nuts are available with a 3/4" or 1" head.

Double Grand Digger Support Plates
Item #: 04-6508
Double Grand™ Digger® Aluminum for Single Ply Tracks The Double Grand™ Digger® support plate can only be used with the Grand Master stud. The addition of a dual configuration provides additional studding options in the middle belt. The Double Grand Digger is available in 12 and 48 piece packages.

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Aurora Rod Ends
Item #: 03-300

The Economy ends have a Carbon steel body that is protected with a coating for corrosion resistance. The balls are heat treated and oil impregnated. Aurora bearings feature all steel races with full swage construction around precision ground steel balls. All ends are supplied with jam nuts.

Wahl Kicker Bars
Item #: 04-570A
A lightweight aluminum bar that mounts under the slide rail of your cleated track suspension. The studs are offset in bar which allows for eight lines of traction. Equivalent to a 1” stud. Includes bar with studs and mounting bolts. Order T-nuts separately. Replacement picks are also available.

High Strength Aurora Rod Ends
Item #: 03-352

High Strength 4130 heat-treated steel alloy body and race with hard chrome plated heat treated steel alloy ball. They are Teflon lined for self lubricating. Supplied with jam nuts.

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