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Rubber Hood Straps & Cups
Item #: 14-310
Rubber Hood Straps & Cups

Aluminum Hood Strap Cup
Item #: 14-309
Aluminum Hood Strap Cup. Fits most Arctic and Polaris straps. Sold individually.
Ski Boot Strap Kit
Item #: 03-190A

Easily attach rubber straps to secure your ski boots. Kits contains two rubber straps with fasteners.

Anti-Stab Wheel Kits
Item #: 02-790A
Stab wheel kits help to prevent track spearing by preventing the track from coming into contact with the tips of the suspension rails. These wheel kits can replace the stock limiter strap mount. You need to know if you have a centered or off-centered limiter straps. The two styles include all of the necessary hardware needed to mount the wheel kit to the tips of your rails, which includes four 2 3/4” rubber wheels, shaft, spacers and bolts. Highly recommended when removing the stock plastic rail tips. Remember to use thread lock.

Elbow Guards
Item #: 17-193
Elbow guards by EVS allow effective elbow/forearm protection in a comfortable and affordable package. Features a bio-foam liner with outer plastic shell and quick pull comfort straps. Black in color and sold in pairs.

Tie Down Kit, Hood
Item #: 14-317

Includes two Polaris rubber straps, plastic hooks and fasteners.

Limiter Strap Material
Item #: 02-326

Limiter Strap Material, 1 1/2" Wide. Sold per foot.

Limiter Strap Eyebolt
Item #: 02-288

This limiter strap eyebolt will accept a strap up to 2" wide. The thread is 5/16"-18. Overall length is 5 inches.

Mounting Strap Replacement, TX2 Tach
Item #: 16-147

Replacement Mounting Strap for TX2 Tachometer

Limiter Safety Strap
Item #: 02-863
Limiter Safety Strap, 1 1/8" x 16" Sold Individually
Mounting Strap Replacement Kit
Item #: 16-141
Mounting Strap Replacement Kit. Fits TX-1 pedestal mount tachometers.
Leatt GPX Club 2
Item #: 17-177

The Leatt-Brace GPX Club 2 is the off-road brace with premium fit thanks to its adjustable front and rear tables. Fiberglass reinforced plyamide construction and biofoam padding. 5 way adjustability, collarbone relief section and clear nylon strap system. Weighs 790g +/- 50g. Sold in a Black/Grey color. Size small is recommended for boys age 4-16 and ladies, medium size is recommended for all other.
WAS $395.00, NOW $250.00

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