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Straight, Fuel Fitting
Item #: 06-797A

Straight Fuel Tank Fittings

Swivel Connector
Item #: 08-181
Swivel Connectors for use with stainless steel brake line applications. Available in a straight or 90 degree style. Sold individually.

Arctic Z Cleat, Straight Hole Pattern,.050" Thick, ea...
Item #: 02-452
Arctic Z Cleat, Straight Hole Pattern,.050" Thick, ea...
Straight Fitting, 1/8'' NPT (for nylon hose), ea.
Item #: 08-206

Straight Fitting, 1/8'' NPT (for nylon hose), ea.

Arctic Reverse Cam Helixes
Item #: 07-972
Arctic Cat's reverse cam helixes, all are billet aluminum.

Iceteck Slide Rail Lubricant
Item #: 09-445

Sold in a gallon. Four gallons per case.

Iceteck is specially formulated for snowmobile racing applications, such as straight line, ice ovals, snow cross and grass drags.

Iceteck is compatible with existing slide rail lubricating systems or can be directly sprayed on to components prior to straight line racing with simple spray application.

Iceteck is specially formulated for ultra low temperatures of -25f degrees and below.

Iceteck has a specially formulated lubricant reducing friction on slides, bogey wheels and track components, to reduce wear and increase performance.

Iceteck is completely compatible with all rubber, plastic and metal components.

Iceteck is made from environmentally safe and biodegradable FDA approved components. Iceteck will start biodegrading within hours of exposure to environmental elements. Safe to use in all applications. Iceteck has no DOT shipping restrictions.

Iceteck has a natural milky white translucent color. No hazardous dyes or additives have been added to change color.

Venom Tied Helixes
Item #: 07-8131

Venom Tied Helixes work with the newer TEAM Tied Clutch.

Dalton Polaris Helixes
Item #: 08-056
The Dalton “PR” radiused is patterned after the Polaris engineered “R” series helixes. They have short progressive shift angles radiused into a straight angle allowing faster starts while maintaining a quick back shift. Compatable with 1 7/16” drive belts.

Fuel Shut Off Valves
Item #: 06-777
The plastic valves fit 1/4” fuel line and can be used either as a dash-mount or in-line. Nut is included.

Item #: 11-240
Lightweight 4130 chrome moly handlebars. Powder-coated Black. (Pictured: Top 11-247, Middle 11-245, Bottom 11-240)

Polaris Torsion Springs
Item #: 02-940A
These genuine Polaris Torsion Spring Kits are sold as pairs with a 77 degree angle. The 77 degree spring is stiffer than a 90 degree spring. Wire diameter indicates the stiffness of the spring. The larger diameter is stiffer. Long tang of the spring is straight.

Hand Taps
Item #: 03-387
High Speed Steel hand taps are for use by hand or in a turning lathe for quick threading. Taps are available in RH or LH thread. They feature straight flutes and a bright finish.

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