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LikeWater Suspension Fluid, 16 oz.
Item #: 09-371

Red Line Suspension Fluids provide lower operating temperatures for increased consistency. The foaming resistance is excellent and the slippery synthetic base stocks provide little seal drag. LikeWater provides the least viscosity change of any commercial suspension fluid available and will operate unchanged many times longer than other suspension fluids. Recommended for warmer applications.

Red Line 4 Stroke Oil
Item #: 09-349

Red Line produces the highest quality oil available. Offers improved wear protection and friction reduction. Blended with poluol ester base stocks that feature natural multi grade properties, avoiding unnecessary additives that hinder lubricity. Completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic motor oils. Sold by the quart or case of 12 quarts

Stock Suspension Wheel Kits
Item #: 02-328A
The stock suspension wheel kits feature a smaller 2 3/4” idler wheel, available with one, two, three or four wheels in plastic or rubber. Fasteners are included. Plastic or rubber wheels are available. Plastic for Asphalt and rubber for Grass or Ice. 8 3/4” shafts will fit Arctic, Wahl and Yamaha applications while the Polaris and Ski-Doo's will take an 8 5/8”shaft.

Pro Stock Shocks
Item #: 11-430A
Now available in five different lengths. All are adjustable 1/4” shorter and longer. Weight is less than 3 pounds per pair. Composed of a heavy duty internal spring and moly tubing, these shocks are very durable and a favorite amongst drag racers.

Bushing, Spindle Insert, Steel, 5/8'' x 3'' (Stock), ea.
Item #: 11-138

Bushing, Spindle Insert, Steel, 5/8'' x 3'' (Stock), ea. (3/8" ID)

Billet Aluminum Brake Lever, Ski-Doo
Item #: 08-123

Beautifully machined, increased strength over stock. Utilizes OEM mounting hardware.

Tapered Aluminum Handlebar
Item #: 11-249

A 7075-T6 tapered aluminum handlebar by RSI. Clamping area is 1 1/8” and tapers down to 7/8” to fit stock controls and grips. Oversize clamp kit or riser required to mount. Includes molded handlebar pad.

Billet Aluminum Throttle Blocks by RSI
Item #: 06-798

Replaces the original plastic throttle control block. CNC machined billet aluminum 2 piece construction. Built in wire channels for heater wires to pass through. Uses stock lever, pivot and switch.

Lightweight Spindle
Item #: 11-129
A lightweight moly drag spindle to replace original Indy spindles. Has standard 48 spline with a 2” bottom width. Weigh 1/3 of stock, a total of 3 lbs. savings per pair. Sold individually.
Involute Drive Sprockets
Item #: 02-507

UHMW drive sprockets for hex shaft manufactured by PPD. These 2.52” pitch sprockets fit most stock rubber tracks and the rubber tracks we offer. Approximate diameters are: 8 Tooth-6.20”, 9 Tooth-7.07”, 10 Tooth-7.75”.

Sold Individually.

Rubber Track Suspensions
Item #: 02-165A

These original lightweight suspensions fit any stock or race 116" to 156” rubber track. They are also available for the narrow Arctic Firecat Chassis. Using the same technology as our cleated track suspensions, you have adjustments to control ski pressure and weight transfer as desired. The dual torsion type adjustable front arm spring allows for smooth front arm movement, making it the quickest suspension available for rubber tracks. Rail centers are 9”. These suspensions are used on ice and snow applications. The slides can be removed and wheels can be added to offer separate purposes like grass or asphalt racing. The suspension comes complete with three plastic rear idlers, cross shafts, mounting brackets, standard slides and a front wheel kit. Any option desired can be installed before shipping. Some are listed with the exchange price. Please supply us with rider weight and type of machine. Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

Fusion Replacement Drive Assembly
Item #: 05-045
Wahl Bros. offers a drive shaft that will replace the Polaris splined tubular shaft with a hex shaft allowing the use of any No-Slip Drive Sprocket. Included spacer provides the sealing surface. Requires a 1” ID locking bearing. Utilizes stock mounting flange.

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