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'Sure Stick' Rear Idler Wheel Kit
Item #: 02-449A

The asphalt designed ‘Sure Stick’ Aluminum 8” Rear Idlers are sold as a set of three, one center and two grooved outer wheels. Total width of each idler is 2.500”. Idlers include a 6205, 25mm ID bearing.

Original Price $495.00

Wahl '08 Asphalt Suspension
Item #: 02-776A
The latest Wahl asphalt suspension is hot off the testing track and ready to show the competition what real suspensions can do. Totally and easily adjustable, this suspension is sure to bring your 60 foot time down. Not for the faint of heart, this suspension is recommended for individuals that long for a suspension strictly for asphalt racing. Comprising of two Fox Float shocks, rear torsion springs, and the Wahl 'Sure Stick' rear idlers make this a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Available in two styles; bent rails and flat rails, this suspension comes in 121”, 128” or 136” and can be put into any snowmobile with little modification.

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