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Steel Pop Rivets
Item #: 14-340
Standard Steel Blind rivets have a steel rivet and mandrel.

Polaris Primary Drive Clutches
Item #: 07-695

All genuine Polaris P-85 Clutches have the open-face design to allow for better cooling of the sheaves and longer belt life. It has always been a goal for manufacturers to build a clutch as good as this one. All clutches come standard with machined sheaves and captivated towers. Clutches noted “Heel Clicker” are machined to accept Heel Clicker weights. Weights and springs are sold separately.

Diameter is 7.875"

IFS Drag Ski
Item #: 03-014A
Extruded IFS aluminum drag skis are standard equipment on the Wahl Bros. Drag chassis. Each ski weighs 2 lbs. Total length is 24”, ski spindle width is 3” and is easily compatible with most sleds. Skis are complete but do not include wear bars and are sold individually.
Angled Aluminum Double Digger Support Plates
Item #: 04-6430
The Woody's exclusive 7° angle design and the double digger plates offer the best stud rigidity and penetration. Available in aluminum 5/16” and 7mm. Do the “Double Dig.”

IMPORTANT: Once the off-set hole is drilled for an Angled Digger support plate you cannot re-stud the track using regular (non-angled) Digger support plates. Also, once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Item #: 11-240
Lightweight 4130 chrome moly handlebars. Powder-coated Black. (Pictured: Top 11-247, Middle 11-245, Bottom 11-240)

Cleated Ice Suspension
Item #: 02-110A
Building stronger and easily tunable suspensions has always been a priority at Wahl Bros. New designed front and rear suspension arms are stronger, lighter and have less flex than the previous designs. The dual front limiter eye bolts increase your ability to adjust the straightness of your machine. Rail centers are 7 ½”. These frames come standard with an oil shock, two rear idlers, a front wheel kit and UHMW Slides. We'll install any other option you desire. Some are listed with the exchange price. Wheel kits designed for the grass work great in all minimal lube conditions. Please supply us with rider weight, type of machine and the intended use for proper spring selection. Cross shafts and mounting brackets are supplied, so please check the tunnel width of your machine.

Grass/Ice Suspension
Item #: 02-882A

The latest suspension that every calls about. There is no other suspension available that maintains traction in the rough as this can. Featuring a new array of suspension components from the front arm to the rear scissor, these suspensions sport two Fox Float Shocks and Dual rear Torsion Springs. We offer these with Wear Resistant Billet wheels or standard rubber wheels. Available in four lengths, 121”, 128”, 136” or 144”, these suspensions put you in the winners circle. (Wheel quantities are listed with suspensions.)

Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
Rubber Track Susp. Components
Item #: 02-231
1997-Present Wear Resistant & Rubber Track Suspension Components

Grass/Ice Drag Suspension
Item #: 02-803A

One of our newest suspension is an awesome showpiece that is designed for the grass. It features aluminum wear resistant 3 1/4” idlers and 8” rear idlers. This makes it our lightest wheeled suspension. The torsion type adjustable front arm springs allow fluid movement along with dual limiter bolts to adjust direction of the machine. Rear suspension travel is 3”. Hyfax can be added for winter use. Unit comes standard with an oil shock, but a Fox gas or air shock can be added at an exchange price. Please supply us with driver weight and type of chassis. Also available with lightweight rubber wheels.

Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

SS Clutch Kit (3/4")
Item #: 15-600
The “SS” Series (six shoes) is the standard clutch on the XCR 120 and Z 120. It comes with wedge shoes, a red racing spring and 10T sprocket. With the wedge shoes it will start at 1900 RPM and will lock up at 2300-2400 RPM. Fits chain #40, #41 and #420.
3/4" Wide HYVO Chain
Item #: 05-783

Genuine Borg Warner HYVO Chain. For use with any 3/4" wide HYVO Gear. Comes standard in Polaris snowmobiles. Can be implemented into almost any application with the right gears. 13 Plates wide. Custom Length Chain available in even increments only. Order pitch/length by quantity.

Item #: 11-132
Spindles are OEM Polaris. Sold individually. The hardened 2 1/8” wide spindle fits the Wahl Extruded IFS skis.

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