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VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3123-883B-2
Item #: 06-990
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3123-873B-2 Fits 2001-2007 ZX Chassis (carb), 600HO/800
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3124-873B-2
Item #: 06-991
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3124-873B-2 Fits 2003-2008 REV Chassis (carb), 2003-2008 600HO/800/800HO/800R
15W Ski-Doo Aluminum Lower Gears
Item #: 05-605
These lightweight aluminum gears are 1/3 the weight of steel gears and significantly reduce rotating mass. The gears are strong enough to withhold a season of abuse in most racing circumstances. Try to use a gear ratio that allows for a tight chain. To help prolong the life of the gear, we recommend one ounce of Energy Release along with your chain lube.

VForce Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3126-883B-2
Item #: 06-974
VForce Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3126-883B-2 Fits 2003-2008 REV Chassis (SDI), 600 HO
PowerMadd Mini-Ski Saddle Kit, Ski-Doo Mini-Z
Item #: 03-423
PowerMadd Mini-Ski Saddle Kit, Ski-Doo Mini-Z (Not exactly as pictured)
Mini-Ski Hoop, 20'' Ski, ea.
Item #: 15-123

Replacement Mini-Ski Hoop, 20'' Ski, ea.

Ski-Doo SLP Brake Pad, Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Item #: 08-413
Recommended for use on the SLP Ultra-Lite Wave Brake Rotor, these brake pads are made from a Carbon/Kevlar GG-rated compound developed especially for snowmobiles. The special composition is a fade free material that is excellent for wet or dry conditions. Excellent for trail and race conditions.
C & A Pro Mini Ski Mounting Kits
Item #: 03-091
C & A Pro Mini Ski Mounting Kits (Actual parts may differ from pictured)

North Star Ski Hoops
Item #: 03-019
Replacement plastic ski hoops for North Star Ski applications. Sold individually.

Venom Ski-Doo Hollow Jackshaft
Item #: 05-050

Quickly convert your QRS clutch and jackshaft assembly for use of Ski-Doo Formula, HPV 27, HPV Roller and Team Industries driven clutch. Fits Ski-Doo REV XP, Summit XP and GSX XP.

Hiperfax, Ski-Doo
Item #: 02-056

Hiperfax, Ski-Doo, 2008-Present XP Models, 137", 146", 154", 163".

This remarkable slide is Teflon like, but has a Graphite strip dovetailed into it to reduces heat and friction better than anything else on the market. Improved fuel economy and slide rail life are a sure bet. Sold in pairs, the color is black.

Non-Skid Tape
Item #: 11-533
A quick and easy way to prevent slipping and falling in and around the race trailer. Works great on any surface that is clean and dry. Available in rolls that are 2” x 10 ft. & 4” x 10 ft.

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