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Mini Champ Skis
Item #: 15-120A

Extruded aluminum IFS Skis in 12” and a 20” stock length. Ski spindle width is 2 1/4” but can be adapted to Kitty Cat or Mini 120's. The ski comes complete with hoop. Sold individually. (Recommended carbide include Item #'s 04-595, 04-596 or 04-587)

Ski Saddle, 2" Wide w/3" Hole Centers
Item #: 03-029

Saddle, 2'' Wide with 3'' Hole Centers, 1/4'' Material Thickness.  Fit North Star Skis. Sold individually.

2-Wheel Axle Assembly, for Asphalt skis, includes spacers
Item #: 03-209A

2-Wheel Axle Assembly, for Asphalt skis, includes spacers

Sno Stuff Universal Ski Boot
Item #: 03-189

Fits all stock skis up to 6 1/2" Wide. Length is 41". An inexpensive way to keep carbides sharp, protect skis and save trailer beds, garage floors and loading ramps from carbide damage. Sold in pairs.

1-Wheel Axle Assembly for Asphalt Skis (includes spacer)
Item #: 03-208A

1-Wheel Axle Assembly for Asphalt Skis (includes spacer)

Woody's Mini 120 & Kitty Cat Carbides
Item #: 04-581

Available for Kitty Cats and 120’s. All are 60 degree carbides and are available in 4” and 6” depending on model. Additional holes in ski may be required. Oval runners may be adapted to other brand skis. Sold as pairs.(The 04-581 are not pictured and are for stock ski's)

Woody's Competition Carbide, CSD-5060, 10”, Oval, 60 degrees
Item #: 04-928

Competition carbides are designed for serious oval racing. When used with heavily studded tracks, this carbide runner keeps the front end from “pushing” during high speed cornering. These top-of-the-line Woody's carbide runners have been race proven for serious competition. Wahl Bros. use the 04-928 or the 04-956  carbide on their Champ skis. Sold as pairs, all have 60 degree carbides.

Steel Wear Bars, pr. (extends to tip but can be shortened)
Item #: 03-038A

Steel Wear Bars, pr. (extends to tip but can be shortened) Fits Wahl Bros. IFS or Leaf Spring Drag Ski's

Raptor Shock, 7.88"
Item #: 11-309
Aluminum bodied shock by Raptor featuring 100% billet components, 5/8” nitride shaft and synthetic shock oil. Great for vintage leaf spring skis.
Item #: 11-132
Spindles are OEM Polaris. Sold individually. The hardened 2 1/8” wide spindle fits the Wahl Extruded IFS skis.

Venom Drive Springs for Ski-Doo
Item #: 08-028

Venom steel primary springs for the Ski-Doo TRA clutches. Measured at 74mm and 42mm.

PN# Wire Dia. Length Force Lbs. Color
08-028 .218" 4.80" 160-290 Yellow/Green
08-030 .207" 6.50" 200-290 Yellow/Red
08-031 .218" 5.80" 230-350 Yellow/Black
08-032 .234" 5.09" 230-380 Yellow/Orange
07-956 .225" 4.80" 240-430 Yellow/Lt Blue


Ski-Doo HYVO Lower Conversion Gear
Item #: 05-925
These 3/4” wide HYVO steel gears convert all Ski-Doo models from ‘93-’07 for use with HYVO Chain. This includes all of the Summit 1000's and Mach Z 1000's. These sprockets will not interchange with any sprocket that does not use the HYVO Chain.

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