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VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3123-883B-2
Item #: 06-990
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3123-873B-2 Fits 2001-2007 ZX Chassis (carb), 600HO/800
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3124-873B-2
Item #: 06-991
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3124-873B-2 Fits 2003-2008 REV Chassis (carb), 2003-2008 600HO/800/800HO/800R
VForce Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3126-883B-2
Item #: 06-974
VForce Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3126-883B-2 Fits 2003-2008 REV Chassis (SDI), 600 HO
North Star Racing Ski, pr.
Item #: 03-016A

North Star Racing Ski. 38" ski without the spring. Sold in pairs.

V Force III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3120-794A-2
Item #: 06-989
V Force III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3120-794A-2 Fits All 500 SS through 2007, 1999-2003 MXZ 440/500/600
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3120-794A-3
Item #: 06-988
VForce III Reed Valves, Ski-Doo, V3120-794A-3 Fits 1995 Formula III 600 (requires spacer kit), All Formula III 600/700/800, 1997-2004 Mach 1 700, Mach Z 800, 1994-1996 Mach Z 780 (requires spacer kit), 1997-2000 Grand Touring 700
Ski-Doo UHMW Slide
Item #: 02-015

Ski-Doo UHMW Slide, 41 5/8", 2005-Present (1" Wide Rail)

UHMW slides match factory quality and specifications. Sold individually.

IFS Drag Ski
Item #: 03-014A
Extruded IFS aluminum drag skis are standard equipment on the Wahl Bros. Drag chassis. Each ski weighs 2 lbs. Total length is 24”, ski spindle width is 3” and is easily compatible with most sleds. Skis are complete but do not include wear bars and are sold individually.
PowerMadd Mini Ski
Item #: 03-418

These skis are the ultimate for Pro Stock and Open-Mod Drag racing. The high quality compression molded ski reduces weight while increasing strength and durability. Great for Grass Drag racing, these skis are also an excellent performance upgrade for all Mini Sleds. Some sleds may require fabrication in order to attach to the spindles. Order Saddle Kits and wear bars separately. (See Related Products Below) Sold in a pair.

Mini-Ski Hoop, 20'' Ski, ea.
Item #: 15-123

Replacement Mini-Ski Hoop, 20'' Ski, ea.

Ski-Doo SLP Brake Pad, Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Item #: 08-413
Recommended for use on the SLP Ultra-Lite Wave Brake Rotor, these brake pads are made from a Carbon/Kevlar GG-rated compound developed especially for snowmobiles. The special composition is a fade free material that is excellent for wet or dry conditions. Excellent for trail and race conditions.
Northstar Ski Competition Carbide, 10''
Item #: 04-927

Specifically designed for the vintage Northstar Racing Ski's. This Woody's Competition Carbide features 10" of 60° carbide for serious oval racing. Sold in pairs.


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