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HiperFax for Ski Doo
Item #: 02-054

This remarkable slide is Teflon like, but has a Graphite strip dovetailed into it to reduces heat and friction better than anything else on the market. Improved fuel economy and slide rail life are a sure bet. Sold in pairs, the color is black.

Ski-Doo Twin Track Gears
Item #: TT Gear, 38A
Ski-Doo Twin Track Gears available in assorted sizes. Some steel, some aluminum as listed. All have 1 1/4"-10 Spline

Ski-Doo XP Gears
Item #: 05-687
Ski-Doo XP Gears, 50mm-32 Spline. Fit REV XP models from 2008-Present. Available in steel or limited aluminum sizes. Will not fit machines with mechanical reverse.

Ski Saddle, ea.
Item #: 03-028
Ski Saddle, 2" wide with 3" Hole Centers, 1/8" thick. Sold individually
Aluminum Ski Hoop Spacer (for 3'' wide ski), ea.
Item #: 03-074
Aluminum Ski Hoop Spacer (for 3'' wide ski), ea.
C & A Pro Ski
Item #: 03-090

A great mini ski that works excellent for water skipping, snow drags and enduro applications. It features the X EDGE 90° keel design and safety approved for racing by the ISR. 4 3/4” wide profile with Adjustable, flexible tip. Total ski weight is 4.2 lbs (including handle), 31 1/2" long.. Order mounting kits and wear bars separately.

VForce Reed Gasket, Ski-Doo, G3122
Item #: 06-503

VForce Reed Gasket, Ski-Doo, G3122 Fits MXZ 700/800, 600HO/800HO, 600SDI/1000SDI, REV & ZX Chassis

VForce III Reed Gasket, Ski-Doo, G3120
Item #: 06-497

VForce III Reed Gasket, Ski-Doo, G3120

Ski Saddle, 2" Wide w/3" Hole Centers
Item #: 03-029

Saddle, 2'' Wide with 3'' Hole Centers, 1/4'' Material Thickness.  Fit North Star Skis. Sold individually.

Ski Shock, Formula 500
Item #: 17-822

Ski Shock, Formula 500


Aluminum Assembly Sleeve, Ski-Doo Splined No-Slip's
Item #: 02-546
Aluminum Assembly Sleeve, Ski-Doo Splined No-Slip's. Necessary for pressing our 02-547 No-Slip sprockets onto a Ski-Doo splined shaft to prevent damage.
C & A Pro Mini Ski Wear Bars
Item #: 03-0951
C & A Pro Mini Ski Wear Bars with carbide. Sold in pairs.

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