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Dalton Ski-Doo TRA Drive Springs
Item #: 07-767

Ski-Doo TRA springs by Dalton Industries. Load is measured at 2.9” and 1.6”.

PN# Color Wire Diameter Length Force lbs.
07-767 Purple .212" 6.50" 195-295
07-770 White .218" 5.69" 235-360
07-771 Grey .218" 5.42" 205-328
07-772 Red/Green .235" 5.07" 225-385
07-773 Violet/White .235" 4.32" 180-355
07-775 Violet/Black .235" 4.19" 157-340
07-776 White/Blue .235" 3.94" 162-415
07-777 Red/Blue .235" 3.99" 167-398
07-778 Tan/White .235" 3.72" 135-385
07-779 Yellow/Silver .225" 4.86" 200-355


Machined Billet Asphalt Skis
Item #: 03-234A

The newest asphalt ski from Wahl Bros features machined aluminum side plates with stainless steel countersunk fasteners. Utilizing the billet aluminum wheels with polyurethane outer band you won’t find a tougher ski. Rubber mounted ski hoops eliminate cracking. Width is 3”. Sold in pairs.

Champ Extruded Skis
Item #: 03-070A
These extruded aluminum skis support the carbide much better than a plastic bottomed ski thus reducing ski chatter. The original (03-070A) Champ skis have a 1/2" flat groove bottom, are 17” long and are 3 1/4" wide. Spindle width is 2”. The wide (03-069A) style skis also have the 1/2" flat groove, are 17” long, but are 3 1/2" wide and allow for 3” Spindles. Carbides that fit best are Woody's 10” CSD-5060 (04-928) or the 14” CSD-5050 (04-956). Ski comes complete with hoop attached and stainless steel clips are included. Sold individually.

Leaf Spring Drag Skis
Item #: 03-008A

These are the Wahl Bros. manufactured aluminum skis found on some of the fastest snowmobiles in the world. Each ski assembly weighs 4 pounds complete. Total length is 24” and the width is 4”.Sold individually.

Ski-Doo HYVO Upper Conversion Gears
Item #: 05-910

These 3/4” wide HYVO steel gears convert all Ski-Doo models from ‘93-’07 for use with HYVO Chain. This includes all of the Summit 1000's and Mach Z 1000's. These sprockets will not interchange with any sprocket that does not use the HYVO Chain. 25mm-15 Spline

Venom Drive Springs for Ski-Doo
Item #: 08-028

Venom steel primary springs for the Ski-Doo TRA clutches. Measured at 74mm and 42mm.

PN# Wire Dia. Length Force Lbs. Color
08-028 .218" 4.80" 160-290 Yellow/Green
08-030 .207" 6.50" 200-290 Yellow/Red
08-031 .218" 5.80" 230-350 Yellow/Black
08-032 .234" 5.09" 230-380 Yellow/Orange
07-956 .225" 4.80" 240-430 Yellow/Lt Blue


Wahl Asphalt Skis
Item #: Wahl Asphalt Skis1
Wahl Bros. has designed tough, lightweight aluminum skis for asphalt racing. Available with two or four wheels and in Aluminum or Black Powder Coat, these asphalt skis feature the newest wheel innovation available. Billet aluminum wheels with a high grade polyurethane molded on make for a wheel that can handle speed and friction like no other wheel available. The asphalt Skis with two wheels weigh 4 lbs. 2 oz. each, while skis with four wheels weigh 5 lbs 4 oz. each. NHRA & ISR approved. Sold in pairs. (Pictured are the 03-239A Skis w/four wheels)

Ski-Doo HYVO Lower Conversion Gear
Item #: 05-925

These 3/4” wide HYVO steel gears convert all Ski-Doo models from ‘93-’07 for use with HYVO Chain. This includes all of the Summit 1000's and Mach Z 1000's. These sprockets will not interchange with any sprocket that does not use the HYVO Chain. 27mm-17 Spline

North Star Racing Skis, Assembled, pr.
Item #: 03-015A

Leaf spring oval racing skis built to withstand the abuse and punishment that a rough ice track will inflict. Stainless Steel leaf spring stabilizers are supplied for the front and rear of the leaf springs, along with a centrally located stabilizer. Sold in pairs and are completely assembled (not drilled for carbides). Assembled ski blank is 28" long with a 20" leaf spring. Sold in pairs.

IFS Drag Ski
Item #: 03-014A
Extruded IFS aluminum drag skis are standard equipment on the Wahl Bros. Drag chassis. Each ski weighs 2 lbs. Total length is 24”, ski spindle width is 3” and is easily compatible with most sleds. Skis are complete but do not include wear bars and are sold individually.
PowerMadd Mini Ski
Item #: 03-418

These skis are the ultimate for Pro Stock and Open-Mod Drag racing. The high quality compression molded ski reduces weight while increasing strength and durability. Great for Grass Drag racing, these skis are also an excellent performance upgrade for all Mini Sleds. Some sleds may require fabrication in order to attach to the spindles. Order Saddle Kits and wear bars separately. (See Related Products Below) Sold in a pair.

Ski-Doo UHMW Slides
Item #: 02-010

Ski-Doo UHMW Slides, 55 3/8", Old Ski-Doo Wide.

UHMW slides match factory quality and specifications. Sold individually.


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