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Triangle Digger Support Plates
Item #: 04-629
For the trail rider looking for added performance. When studding a track using these support plates, the unique shape generates less rotating resistance. Available in 7mm and 5/16” aluminum.

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-582
VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies

Angled Aluminum Double Digger Support Plates
Item #: 04-6430
The Woody's exclusive 7° angle design and the double digger plates offer the best stud rigidity and penetration. Available in aluminum 5/16” and 7mm. Do the “Double Dig.”

IMPORTANT: Once the off-set hole is drilled for an Angled Digger support plate you cannot re-stud the track using regular (non-angled) Digger support plates. Also, once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Ultra-Lite Brake Disc w/Recessed Hub
Item #: 08-325A
Recessed hubs allow the hub to go over the bearing holder allowing brake disc to be closer to the tunnel. Fasteners Included.

Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master
Item #: 04-306

Sharp 60 degree carbide point for superb trail traction on hard pack snow and ice. Long lasting durability. All are 5/16” shank and come with a larger 1” head for use on rubber tracks. Sold with lock nuts.

Ice Pixx Studs
Item #: 04-402
The Ice Pixx by Stud Boy's thin profile and through-hardened strength make this stud a great choice for clean, hard, icy conditions. With its slender performance profile and 30 degree point, the Ice Pixx is light-weight while still maintaining outstanding penetration. .370” Thread length.

Eliminator Steel Traction Masters
Item #: 04-504
A unique 30 degree point penetrates the hardest ice. This narrow profiled push-through stud is designed for all competition requirements. The 1.200” length has 7 mm threads and a larger 7/8” head to combat torque loads.

Steel Chisel Tooth Traction Masters
Item #: 04-483
If you want easy installation and awesome results, then these are the chisels you want. The hook-up on grass and ice is phenomenal. The smaller 1/4"-28 chisel was designed for use on cleated tracks, but can be used in rubber track applications. The 04-472, 04-4721 & 04-4722 5/16" shank studs include aluminum Big Nuts in the packaging.

5/16" Mega-Bite, Multi-Directional
Item #: 04-144

A unique multi-directional stud with four flat surfaces on the 5/16” shank for additional contact surface that provides enhanced deceleration and acceleration. This hardened stud has a 15/16” head and a 60º carbide tip. Use Woody’s newest traction accessory, the Big Nut, for maximum support on the longest of studs. Use this nut for 1.450” studs and longer. Sold with lock nuts.

Elbow Guards
Item #: 17-193
Elbow guards by EVS allow effective elbow/forearm protection in a comfortable and affordable package. Features a bio-foam liner with outer plastic shell and quick pull comfort straps. Black in color and sold in pairs.

Jet Needles, 40-48mm Carbs
Item #: 06-377
The Jet Needle controls the fuel mixture in the mid-range (1/4-3/4) throttle position. Needles with one letter are single taper and needles with two letters are double taper. Needles are listed lean to rich.

Comet Drive Springs
Item #: 07-300
These are genuine Comet Springs. The tensions are checked when compressed to heights of 2 3/8” and 1 1/8”.

PN# Color OEM Force lbs. Wire Dia. Length
07-300 White 202467 80-160 .177 3.47"
07-302 Yellow 202551 100-185 .177 4.06"
07-304 Blue 202552 120-185 .177 4.87"
07-306 Silver 204818 85-190 .192 3.47"
07-308 Silver/Green 209935 100-195 .187 3.64"
07-310 Silver/Black 209696 85-205 .192 3.36"
07-314 Purple 207888 105-225 .192 3.47"
07-316 Yellow/White 211361 75-235 .207 3.00"
07-318 Red 207877 90-255 .207 3.25"
07-320 Purple 207758 135-255 .192 4.12"
07-322 Yellow/Red 208238 95-275 .207 2.91"
07-324 Silver/Orange 209936 100-285 .207 3.07"
07-326 Gold 208175 130-295 .207 3.50"
07-328 Yellow/Green 208228 135-300 .207 3.41"

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