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5/16" Mega-Bite, Multi-Directional
Item #: 04-144

A unique multi-directional stud with four flat surfaces on the 5/16” shank for additional contact surface that provides enhanced deceleration and acceleration. This hardened stud has a 15/16” head and a 60º carbide tip. Use Woody’s newest traction accessory, the Big Nut, for maximum support on the longest of studs. Use this nut for 1.450” studs and longer. Sold with lock nuts.

Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master
Item #: 04-306

Sharp 60 degree carbide point for superb trail traction on hard pack snow and ice. Long lasting durability. All are 5/16” shank and come with a larger 1” head for use on rubber tracks. Sold with lock nuts.

Square Aluminum Support Plates
Item #: 04-630
Aluminum plates give excellent support with less weight. 7mm aluminum plates are .125” thick and the 5/16” aluminum plates are .145” thick. Strong, dependable and great for knocking off some extra track weight!

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Genuine Keihin Carb Slides
Item #: 06-550
Genuine Keihin Carb Slides

Genuine Mikuni Hex Main Jets, 50-195
Item #: 06-200
Fit all VM, TM and TMX carburetors. Sold individually.

VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-582
VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies

SLP Drive Clutch Springs
Item #: 07-050
For Arctic, Polaris, Comet and Micro Belmont clutches manufactured, these springs are from the highest quality Chrome-Silicon wire making them very durable against sag and breakage. These drive springs allow you to achieve your desired engagement and the proper peak RPM.

PN# Wire Dia Length Force Lbs. Color
07-050 .207" 3.55" 120-300 Black/Silver
07-054 .207" 3.82" 140-300 Blue/Silver
07-057 .207" 4.24" 160-300 Green/Silver
07-059 .207" 4.46" 170-300 Orange/Silver
07-051 .207" 3.45" 120-310 Black/Yellow
07-055 .207" 3.73" 140-310 Blue/Yellow
07-058 .207" 4.22" 160-310 Green/Yellow
07-052 .218" 3.37" 120-320 Black/Red
07-056 .218" 3.63" 140-320 Blue/Red
07-053 .218" 3.30" 120-340 Black/Pink
07-060 .218" 3.48" 140-340 Blue/Pink
07-061 .218" 3.75" 160-340 Green/Pink

VM30-48 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-560
Available with Steel or Viton tips. Steel needles are uncoated, while the Viton have a tough, durable poly coating that helps prevent fuel from seeping through.

Brass Carb Slides
Item #: 06-160
Brass slides are chrome plated and aluminum slides are anodized. Brass Slides resist throttle freeze up in cold weather conditions. Slides are listed rich to lean.

Aluminum Carb Slides
Item #: 06-179
Aluminum Carb Slides

389 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-351
This series is for flat slide carbs. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

247 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-060
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

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