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Competition Eliminator Studs
Item #: 04-599
A thin profile, heat treated alloy steel stud for all types of ice racing. It's a lightweight ice pick with a 30 degree point. The thread length is .370” for use on rubber tracks.

Steel Chisel Tooth Studs
Item #: 04-486
The race proven T-nut chisel tooth stud is the secret to winning grass and ice. Its flat blade penetrates and grabs the surface material for maximum traction. This is the most aggressive single point stud available and it works like a scooper stud but with much greater penetration. 1/4"-20 or 7mm Thread, 48 pieces.

Camoplast Grass Tracks
Item #: 02-685

The only track designed specifically for grass drag racing. ** .525" Low Lug Track. Having no clips or windows they must be used with wheeled suspensions only. This is the lightest track available. **02-685 track has .725" lug height


Call for current Price 800-883-0294

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
Camoplast Drag Racing Tracks
Item #: 02-600

The Predator racing track is the strongest and fastest out there. They are available in 13.5”, 14” & the standard 15” widths. Lengths are 121”, 128”, and 136” & 144”. Track pitch is 2.52”. All windows are open with clips that have no guide. Can be used for Ice or Grass drag racing.

Call for current Price 800-883-0294

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
2.52" No-Slip Drive Sprockets
Item #: 02-555

Patented No-Slip Drive SprocketsTM from Wahl Bros. Racing. Designed specifically to prevent ratcheting and for less rotating mass, the No Slip Sprockets drive off of four track lugs and track windows at once with one pair. Eliminate those extra involutes with these drive wheels. If rail tips need to be shortened for clearance, an anti-stab wheel kit is recommended to prevent spearing. Sold individually. Approximate Diameters: 7T = 5.50" 8T = 6.25" 9T = 7.05" 10T = 7.85"

Aluminum Drive Wheels
Item #: 02-533
Precision machined, billet aluminum involute drive wheels resist wheel flex and distortion. Order hex hubs separately to match your drive shaft. The drivers and hex hubs are sold individually. Fasteners included with hex hubs. 2.52P

3.0" No-Slip Drive Sprockets
Item #: 02-586

The same patented No-Slip technology developed by Wahl Bros has been transformed to run the latest 3.0 pitch track option. If you want to harness your power to the track, eliminate ratchting, then you need to put these on your sled. 7 tooth driver OD is 6.55”, while the 8 tooth driver is 7.50” OD. Be sure to use Anti-Stab wheel kits with these sprockets if rail tip modifications are needed. Sold individually.

Anti Ratchet Sprockets
Item #: 02-554

These 2.52P sprockets press onto the drive axle between the original drivers. They are available for use with standard 9T wheels and the smaller 8T wheels. They are especially helpful with long tracks, long travel suspensions and high H.P. machines. They drive off the track clips eliminating ratcheting. In some cases rail tips must be shortened to avoid contact with the external portion of the driver. Sold individually. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH NO SLIP DRIVE SPROCKETS WHICH DRIVE OFF THE TRACK WINDOWS AND LUGS WITHOUT THE ADDITION OF STOCK INVOLUTE SPROCKETS. SEARCH FOR NO-SLIPS.

Stud Bolts
Item #: 04-678
Button head cap screws work great for replacing studs you may remove when fine tuning the handling on your oval machine. Use the 3/8" long bolts with the flat Wahl Bros. stud plates and the 1/2" long bolts with the Woody's plates. Stud Bolts (pictured) are used to fasten stud plates in cleated tracks.

Steel Hooker Eliminator Studs
Item #: 04-550

A short threaded (.160") stud for use in hooker plates. This stud is used on hard ice. Its 30 degree taper is for deep penetration. HCL-8000 is a chisel tooth stud.

Double Digger Aluminum Support Plates
Item #: 04-716
Double Digger Plates feature a dual stud configuration that will offer more stud rigidity with less weight than two single aluminum plates. They are for use with 5/16” and 7mm studs. The mounting holes are spaced the same as Bender Plates.

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

Square Aluminum Support Plates
Item #: 04-630
Aluminum plates give excellent support with less weight. 7mm aluminum plates are .125” thick and the 5/16” aluminum plates are .145” thick. Strong, dependable and great for knocking off some extra track weight!

IMPORTANT: Once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

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