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K & N Prechargers
Item #: 06-920
Extend the service period of you filter by pre-filtering snow or dust from it. Designed to be run dry and cleaned with K & N filter cleaner.

Brass Carb Slides
Item #: 06-160
Brass slides are chrome plated and aluminum slides are anodized. Brass Slides resist throttle freeze up in cold weather conditions. Slides are listed rich to lean.

VM30-48 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-560
Available with Steel or Viton tips. Steel needles are uncoated, while the Viton have a tough, durable poly coating that helps prevent fuel from seeping through.

480 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-035
The 480 series is the same as the 166 series except it has a large well (Bigger hole). All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

389 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-351
This series is for flat slide carbs. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

224 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-079
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-582
VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies

166 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-015
166 Series Needle Jets. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

Angled Aluminum Double Digger Support Plates
Item #: 04-6430
The Woody's exclusive 7° angle design and the double digger plates offer the best stud rigidity and penetration. Available in aluminum 5/16” and 7mm. Do the “Double Dig.”

IMPORTANT: Once the off-set hole is drilled for an Angled Digger support plate you cannot re-stud the track using regular (non-angled) Digger support plates. Also, once a hole is drilled for a standard Digger support plate, you cannot re-stud the track using Angled Digger support plates.

10 5/8" Camoplast Asphalt Track
Item #: 02-605

This is the newest asphalt track from Camoplast. Designed for durability and less rotating mass, this track looks to be the best ticket for asphalt racers. Suspension adjustments will have to be made on standard suspensions to accommodate the narrow width. Available in three lengths, Wahl Bros. has you covered.

Call for current Price 800-883-0294

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
Camoplast Grass Tracks
Item #: 02-685

The only track designed specifically for grass drag racing. ** .525" Low Lug Track. Having no clips or windows they must be used with wheeled suspensions only. This is the lightest track available. **02-685 track has .725" lug height


Call for current Price 800-883-0294

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
3.29" Pitch Cleated Tracks
Item #: 02-440A
Wahl Bros. Racing has been a source for high performance track systems since 1981. They are Kevlar reinforced, allowing lightweight and maximum strength. Rail center is 7 1/2". A four stud per cleat pattern is left open for convenient studding. Rivet holes are 1/4". Track width is 15”. This is a Convolute drive system, meaning they are driven off of the cleats resulting in free wheeling, ultra fast acceleration. Guides ordered separately.

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