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Belt Deflection Shim Washers
Item #: 07-850

All belt deflection shim washers are 1 1/2” ID x 2 1/8” OD. Choose thickness.

Driven Clutch Keys
Item #: 07-848

Driven Clutch Keys

Clutch Alignment Washers
Item #: 07-863

A perfect fit for all Driven clutches where alignment is a must. All have 1” ID and 1 1/4” OD.

Polaris Helixes
Item #: 07-870
Machined by Micro Belmont, most helixes are billet and the ones labeled 'Cast' are OEM Polaris.

Arctic Reverse Cam Helixes
Item #: 07-972
Arctic Cat's reverse cam helixes, all are billet aluminum.

Thunder Shift Rollers
Item #: 07-419

Another great tuning product for the TRA clutch. These rollers can be used with your stock arms or with the Thunder Shift Arms.

Comet Weights
Item #: 07-452

Full weights have a more consistent profile that causes the tip of the weight to be heavier making the weight more aggressive and thus pull harder through its cycle. Mod weights have a lighter tip which allows them to pull harder on the start while maintaining peak RPM. Sold individually, these weights come with bushings.

Venom Primary Drive Springs
Item #: 08-027

Venom primary springs are manufactured of only the best material to ensure proper rates. These springs will work in Polaris, Arctic, Comet, Micro Belmont and other drive clutches. They will not work with Ski-Doo TRA's.

PN# Wire Diameter Length Force lbs. Color
08-027 .207" 3.25" 100-275 Black
08-025 .225" 3.52" 120-310 White
08-022 .207" 3.75" 150-310 Blue
08-023 .207" 4.29" 165-310 Orange
08-024  .218" 3.52" 140-320 Red
07-964 .207" 4.55" 180-320 Pink
07-961 .212" 4.00" 165-327 Almond
08-026 .207" 3.65" 140-330 Green
07-356 .218" 3.35" 120-340 Bright Yellow
07-357 .218" 3.63" 150-340 Bright Green
07-962 .218" 3.84" 165-344 Silver
07-963 .212" 4.19" 180-345 Gold


High Engagement Drive Springs
Item #: 07-376
High engagment springs available from HPE and Erlandson Performance.

PN# Wire Diameter Length Force lbs. Color
07-376 .207" 4.30" 170-300 Orange/Black
07-377 .207" 4.50" 185-320 Maroon
07-371 .218" 4.30" 190-335 Gold

Arctic Cat Weights
Item #: 07-939

OEM non-pinned Arctic weights. Sold individually.

SLP MTX Clutch Weights
Item #: 07-380
Designed specifically to harness the horsepower of today's big engines, their unique heavy heel design and weight profile provides greater shift force and improved acceleration. Adjustable by adding rivet weights (up to 6 grams per weight). To order, add 4 grams to the amount of weight you are currently using to choose the correct SLP MTX Weight.

Jet Needles, 40-48mm Carbs
Item #: 06-377
The Jet Needle controls the fuel mixture in the mid-range (1/4-3/4) throttle position. Needles with one letter are single taper and needles with two letters are double taper. Needles are listed lean to rich.

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