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Drive Axle Collars
Item #: 02-570A
Use these split hex collars to keep your drive wheels from moving on your drive shaft by attaching them on both sides of the drive wheel. The collars can be installed without removing the wheels. Kit includes two collars and fasteners.

Snow Flap Material
Item #: 02-465

This 2-ply snow flap material is 18 1/2” wide and 3/16” thick. Both sides are rubber backed. Priced per foot.

Foot Pegs, Side Mount, Pr.
Item #: 13-249
Side mount these aluminum foot pegs on our build. Sold as a pair. (3 1/4" Wide x 5 1/2" Tall)
Side Seat Cushion, Oval
Item #: 14-514

Side Seat Cushion, Oval, 9 3/4" x 11 3/8" Tall. Cushion is made of a dense foam with a plastic UHMW back plate. Originally designed to fit on our Aluminum Running Board Fuel Tank (06-937) for a F-500 application. It could be used for other applications with slight modifications. Attach with velcro, sold separately.

Kelsey Hayes Caliper, Flush Mount, Piston Side
Item #: 08-154A

Kelsey Hayes Caliper, Flush Mount, Piston Side

Side Lube Fitting w/Clamp, ea.
Item #: 06-763A

Side Lube Fitting w/Clamp, ea.

Fuel Line T-Fittings
Item #: 06-760

Fuel Line T-Fittings

90 Degree Metal Fuel Tank Fitting w/Grommet, 3/16'' & 1/4'', ea.
Item #: 06-766

90 Degree Metal Fuel Tank Fitting w/Grommet, 3/16'' & 1/4'', ea.

Wedge Lube Tank
Item #: 06-956
Plastic see-through tank is designed to fit under your running board. Total length is 22" and will hold 3.3 qts (3.12 ltr), ea
Digital Clutch Spring Tester
Item #: 07-259
The new digital clutch spring tester by RecTech Tools was designed for the serious clutch tuners in the snowmobile and UTV side by side world. It has the same billet aluminum body as our lower priced dial gauge model but with a ton of new features. The new (patented) Digital gauge has Superb Accuracy +/- .25 % with a pressure range from 0 to 750lbs. which lets you test the heaviest primary or secondary spring. It has a (Auto 0 and peak recall) feature, with ability to read in LBS, BAR or MPa on the display screen. And like our other model tester it can be used in a rill, vice or arbor press.
Lubrication System
Item #: 06-785A

Wahl Brothers offers an entire lube system for use in Oval racing. This lube system includes 6 lube line inserts for restricting and helping to regulate the flow of fluid through the line, 4 T fittings, 4 Side lube fittings with clamps, 2-90 degree fittings with grommet for running the lines through tunnel, 10 ft. of 3/16” fuel line, 1 dual outlet fuel pump and one shut off valve. This system is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wahl Champ suspension that already has 2 lube line fittings in the rail. Parts can be purchased as a kit or independently. Lube tanks and through the rail brass lube fittings are sold separately.

Dalton Polaris Driven Springs
Item #: 07-834

The Dalton Black/Red-Silver has slightly more torsion and side pressure than the Polaris Silver/Blue. A Dalton Black/Red-Blue has the same torsion as the Polaris Blue but more side pressure. Load measured at 2.5” and 1.375”.  
Length does not include tangs.

PN# Color Wire Diameter Length Coil Force lbs.
07-834 Black/Red/Silver .187" 4.25" 5 44-77
07-835 Black/Red/Blue .192" 4.25" 5 48-86


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