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Item #: 16-178

This gauge allows you to tune the engine more precisely and prevent engine damage. The settable warning and maximum recall functions for both EGT’s, RPM & water temperature are easy to use and show you vital engine information. The color change backlighted screen makes it very easy to see even at night. This cool instrument can save your engine from expensive repairs! Includes two Fast Response EGT Sensors w/clamps, Water Temp Sensor and Gauge Bracket. Sensors included.

Rear Suspension Limiter Kit, F-500
Item #: 17-870A
Rear Suspension Limiter Kit, F-500 Kit is complete with pictures to show mounting.
Wahl '08 Asphalt Suspension
Item #: 02-776A
The latest Wahl asphalt suspension is hot off the testing track and ready to show the competition what real suspensions can do. Totally and easily adjustable, this suspension is sure to bring your 60 foot time down. Not for the faint of heart, this suspension is recommended for individuals that long for a suspension strictly for asphalt racing. Comprising of two Fox Float shocks, rear torsion springs, and the Wahl 'Sure Stick' rear idlers make this a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Available in two styles; bent rails and flat rails, this suspension comes in 121”, 128” or 136” and can be put into any snowmobile with little modification.

Air Density Gauge, Digital
Item #: 06-861

Super accurate full digital Air Density Gauge. Easier to use than dial models.

  • Accurate electronic Air Density measurement with easy-to-read digital display Shows your baseline so you don't forget
  • A Red LED flashes to let you know if you need to change jets (air density changed by +/- 5%)
  • Also displays current temp and barometric pressure with the push of a button
  • Battery indicator on display
  • Auto shutoff

Air density or RAD (relative air density) is used as a valuable tuning tool to keep your jetting at its optimum. To use this gauge get a box of spark plugs and work on your jetting, reading the plugs as you go.


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1. Haulmark Trailers
Adventurer FVT (steel frame)Practical, hard-working design and side-by-side storage of up to four or more ATVs or snowmobiles are just a few of the many features of this professional grade trailer. From its heavy-duty components to its salt protective barrier, this trailer is designed from nos ...[+]

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