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Pro Stock Shocks
Item #: 11-430A
Now available in five different lengths. All are adjustable 1/4” shorter and longer. Weight is less than 3 pounds per pair. Composed of a heavy duty internal spring and moly tubing, these shocks are very durable and a favorite amongst drag racers.

Fox Float R Shocks
Item #: 11-329

This incredibly light, best performing oil dampened air shock that the market has to offer. Available in two lengths, the 6 1/2” (.44 lbs.) and 7 7/8” (.55 lbs). The Fox R shock has adjustable rebound. The 6 1/2” shock has 1 1/2” of travel and the 7 7/8” shock has 2” of travel. These shocks are designed to be used in mini sled applications or in application where shorter lengths are desired. Air pump included. Sold individually.

Fox Zero Pro Shocks
Item #: 11-294A
The new lighter aluminum shock bodies are threaded to allow easy spring tension adjustment. Available lengths are 10”, 12” & 14”. Shock length can be adjusted by adding or deleting spacers inside or by changing eyelet length. Includes 3/8” ID spacers and spring retainers. Shocks are sold as pairs.

North Star Raptor Skis
Item #: 03-018A

Race proven North Star extruded aluminum skis with tough stainless steel spring mounting brackets and leaf spring support. Exclusive Raptor shocks feature 100% billet components, 5/8" nitride shaft and synthetic oil reducing chatter and control spring oscillation. Sold per pair. Not drilled for carbides.

Grass/Ice Suspension
Item #: 02-882A

The latest suspension that every calls about. There is no other suspension available that maintains traction in the rough as this can. Featuring a new array of suspension components from the front arm to the rear scissor, these suspensions sport two Fox Float Shocks and Dual rear Torsion Springs. We offer these with Wear Resistant Billet wheels or standard rubber wheels. Available in four lengths, 121”, 128”, 136” or 144”, these suspensions put you in the winners circle. (Wheel quantities are listed with suspensions.)

Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

Call To Order: (218) 782-2295
RydeFX Fill Needle w/Gauge
Item #: 11-391
In a plastic case the fill needle w/gauge includes five replacement needles. Also works for Fox Shocks.
Wahl Asphalt Suspension
Item #: 02-894A

Our newest suspension for asphalt racing features Fox Float Shocks on the front and rear for infinite adjustability. Dual front limiter bolts mounted outward make for easy front arm adjustment. Location of the billet 3 1/4" rollers is easily accomplished with the fully drilled suspension rails. The aluminum 9" rear idlers along with the open rear suspension arm design keeps the top of the track flat from drivers to rear idlers. Adjustable height carrier wheels help accomplish that allowing for greater top speed and increased ET's. A serious suspension for serious racers!! Available in 121", 128" and 136" lengths.

Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

Suspension Springs
Item #: 02-279

All springs fit the standard oil shock or the Fox shock on all Wahl Suspensions except the 02-279 which fits the Progressive Oil shocks and older Arctic Cat shocks only because the diameter is smaller.

Fox Shock Oil
Item #: 11-340
Genuine Fox Shock oil designed for snowmobile use. Same as OEM shocks are furnished with.

Nitrogen Kit
Item #: 11-320
Great tool to have if you use Fox shocks. Nitrogen is highly recommended for use with Fox Float shocks. Kit includes regulator to hook up to your nitrogen tank and inflation needle with valves and gauge.

Wahl '08 Asphalt Suspension
Item #: 02-776A
The latest Wahl asphalt suspension is hot off the testing track and ready to show the competition what real suspensions can do. Totally and easily adjustable, this suspension is sure to bring your 60 foot time down. Not for the faint of heart, this suspension is recommended for individuals that long for a suspension strictly for asphalt racing. Comprising of two Fox Float shocks, rear torsion springs, and the Wahl 'Sure Stick' rear idlers make this a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Available in two styles; bent rails and flat rails, this suspension comes in 121”, 128” or 136” and can be put into any snowmobile with little modification.

Coil Over Adapter Kit
Item #: 02-319A
This threaded coil over kit can be used on Fox Shocks w/o a threaded body and also on oil shocks used in our Wahl Bros. Suspensions. Length is 4” and has a 1.560” ID or 1.650” ID. Both have a 1.840” OD. Comes with adjuster nut and a nylon tip set screw. Sold individually.

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