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Comet Shims
Item #: 07-250

Comet Clutch Shims

Shim Washers
Item #: 04-650
Use these shim washers to fine tune desired stud height. For 1/4” studs, use aluminum shims. For 7mm studs, use the steel. 48 shims per package. .063" thick

Needle Shim Kit
Item #: 06-808
Mikuni jet needles control fuel metering from 1/4 to 3/4 throttle and have five e-clip positions in .040” increments. Using the .010”, .020” and .030” precision cut shims allow calibration in up to 20 different needle positions. Available in twin carb or triple carb kits.

Spacer Shims, 5pcs
Item #: 07-006

Spacer Shims, 5pcs. For Quick Change Clutch

Polaris Primary Drive Clutch Spacers
Item #: 07-712

Polaris Primary Drive Clutch Spacers

Quick Change Racing Clutch
Item #: 07-001

Available in Comet 102C, 108EXP and Polaris P-85. Features a turning dial on the outside of the clutch, which raises and lowers engagement. The spider is splined to allow easy removal for changing shims to maintain belt to sheave clearance. For use with 1 1/4” to 1 7/16” drive belts. Includes weight pins and spacer shims. A longer clutch bolt may be necessary.

Clutch Rebuild Kits
Item #: 07-780

Includes 6 Buttons, 12 Button Shims, 3 Rollers, 3 Roller Pins, 9 Multilube Washers and 3 Weight Pins. Wide roller is .540” wide while narrow roller is .360” wide.

Glide Washer Kit
Item #: 07-309
By placing a “Glide Washer” on the end of the spring it will no longer bind on the spider or clutch cover. The kit includes two washers with a baked on lubricity coating and three zinc plated spring shims. Each washer increases engagement 40-50 RPM.

SLP Clutch Rebuild Tool
Item #: 07-281

The Spider Rebuild Tool simplifies removing the pin and roller from a Polaris spider. It self-aligns, removes and aligns new parts including shims and pins. The alignment block was designed to work with the Spider Rebuild Tool to easily remove and install rollers, pins and washers in the spider assembly. Purchase individually or as a combo.

Belt Deflection Shim Washers
Item #: 07-850

All belt deflection shim washers are 1 1/2” ID x 2 1/8” OD. Choose thickness.

Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Belt Clearance/Engagement Shim Kit
Item #: 07-711

Arctic Cat Drive Clutch Belt Clearance/Engagement Shim Kit by Thunder Products. Kit includes six .030" thick large diameter washers for engagement adjustment and two .020" thick washers for belt clearance adjustment.

Stainless Steel Shim Washers
Item #: 01-033

These 3/8" ID x 5/8" OD stainless steel washers work great for adjusting bump steer. Available in two thicknesses. Sold individually.

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