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Torlon Roller Kit
Item #: 15-149

Maintenance free polymer rollers with a 4140 steel shank are a direct replacement for JR Race Car Shockwave Driven Clutch steel bearing rollers. Experience harder acceleration and smoother shifting with reduced driveline chatter and helix wear. Sold as a set of three.

Woody's Trigger Stud
Item #: 04-495

Trigger™-Woody's® New Lake Racer Stud The Trigger™ has a long and narrow profile for unmatchable penetration on lake ice. The 1.630" stud has a 5/16" shank with Woody's sharp 60° carbide tip. The overall installed height is 1.88". Woody's Big Nuts are included in the packages of 48 pieces. When using this stud you must confirm you have enough tunnel clearance and install tunnel protection. Competition Use Only.

Gold Digger Carbide Traction Master
Item #: 04-276

Sharp 60 degree carbide point for superb trail traction on hard pack snow and ice. Long lasting durability. All are 5/16” shank and come with a larger 1” head for use on rubber tracks. Sold with lock nuts.

5/16" Mega-Bite, Multi-Directional
Item #: 04-144

A unique multi-directional stud with four flat surfaces on the 5/16” shank for additional contact surface that provides enhanced deceleration and acceleration. This hardened stud has a 15/16” head and a 60º carbide tip. Use Woody’s newest traction accessory, the Big Nut, for maximum support on the longest of studs. Use this nut for 1.450” studs and longer. Sold with lock nuts.

Steel Chisel Tooth Traction Masters
Item #: 04-483
If you want easy installation and awesome results, then these are the chisels you want. The hook-up on grass and ice is phenomenal. The smaller 1/4"-28 chisel was designed for use on cleated tracks, but can be used in rubber track applications. The 04-472, 04-4721 & 04-4722 5/16" shank studs include aluminum Big Nuts in the packaging.

Aurora Rod Ends
Item #: 03-336

4130 steel, Teflon lined, gold cadium plated aircraft style rod ends for tie and radius rods with solid shanks. The body of these ends is not heat treated. The Teflon lining keeps the joints tight and eliminates free play. Supplied with jam nuts.

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