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KOSO Water Temperature Sensor Adapter
Item #: 16-173

KOSO Water Temperature Sensor Adapter, available in 22mm or 26mm (for a 1" ID Hose). Works with Item #16-178 KOSO Dual EGT or #16-207 X-2  KOSO Boost Gauge

O2 Adapter, Bosch Wideband Sensor
Item #: 16-205

O2 Adapter, Bosch Wideband Sensor (2 Stroke Only)

KOSO Race Type O2 Sensor
Item #: 16-191

KOSO Race Type O2 Sensor

Koso Fast Response EGT Sensor
Item #: 16-189

Koso Fast Response EGT Sensor, 40-60mm, Includes Clamp & Nut.

Koso Water Temp Sensor, Replacement
Item #: 16-186

Koso Water Temp Sensor, Replacement (Fits 16-178 Koso Dual EGT Gauge)

KOSO Sensor Clamp
Item #: 16-185
KOSO Sensor Clamp with threaded fitting, ferrule and nut.
Bosch Oxygen Sensor, Wideband
Item #: 16-204

Bosch Oxygen Sensor, Wideband

KOSO EFI Tachometer with Dual Temperature
Item #: 16-187

This tachometer offers two temperature readings with the supplied sensors. The instrument has a large bar graph and RPM digits making it very easy to read with programming of 10K, 15K and 20K. Maximum RPM and temp is recorded. It has a programmable warning light in three colors, red for shift light along with red and green for temperature alarms. Temp sensors will measure coolant, oil or air. Range is 32-482F. Thread is 1/8 BSP – 28.Two stroke settings are for 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 cylinders and the four stroke settings are for 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 cylinder. Also available for 4 stroke application is the optional A/F ratio function (narrow band). Order O2 sensor, signal wire and bung, cap & washer kit separately. Meter size is 3.445” x 1.655” x .815” thick. 12V power required.

Item #: 16-178

This gauge allows you to tune the engine more precisely and prevent engine damage. The settable warning and maximum recall functions for both EGT’s, RPM & water temperature are easy to use and show you vital engine information. The color change backlighted screen makes it very easy to see even at night. This cool instrument can save your engine from expensive repairs! Includes two Fast Response EGT Sensors w/clamps, Water Temp Sensor and Gauge Bracket. Sensors included.

KOSO Bung, Cap & Washer Kit
Item #: 16-199

KOSO Bung, Cap & Washer Kit (for O2 Sensor)

KOSO Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
Item #: 16-201

The Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Meter will allow you to more precisely tune your engine. Programmable warnings will tell you if your engine is too lean or rich. Works with both 2 and 4 stroke engines. To avoid sensor contamination with a 2 stroke an adapter (16-205) needs to be used, in those applications the hole must face the piston. Kit is complete for 4 stroke use, order 2 stroke adapter separately. Requires 12V power.

EGT Replacement Ferrule and Cap Kit
Item #: 16-229
Replacement Ferrule and Cap Kit, (This is a 3 pc component for one sensor, includes 1 each of the cap, ferrule and weldment.)

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