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Shock Spring Tool
Item #: 02-316

The Shock King tool will compress shock springs found on the front and rear suspensions of snowmobiles. With just a bit of practice you will be able to change a shock spring in 30 seconds or less without gritting your teeth. The Shock King is the best tool ever devised for removing springs.

Digitron 64
Item #: 16-301

The rugged billet design Digatron 64 series data logger with four channels offers many racer advantages. Use these systems to monitor engine, replay info on the instrument or download engine info onto your PC with the optional download cable. Large easy to read display and programmable LED warning lights. All functions record 20 times per second with maximums displayed when engine is stopped. A full four hours of circular recording allows ample data storage. Features self-charging internal lithium batteries and two AA batteries. CHT (cylinder head temp) can be installed on any unit and are available for standard 14mm sparkplugs and the large 18mm plugs. Instrument size is 5.00” x 2.75” x .500” thick with 4.18” x 1.50” LCD backlit display. Unit includes tach harness, sensors, mounting bracket and instructional CD. Included EGT sensors are clamp-on.

Leatt SNX Trophy Neck Brace
Item #: 17-205

The SNX Trophy is Leatt®’s second brace specifically made for Snowmobile riding and racing. Similar to the STX, the SNX Trophy is designed to work over your jacket and armor however is constructed from Leatt's own Arctic Fusion Compound™, a special blend able to withstand extreme low temperatures.

  • Arctic Fusion Compound™ (AFC™) – a special blend to withstand extreme cold conditions
  • Exclusive SNX padding resists snow sticking.
  • Adjustable height for optimal helmet clearance.
  • Moulded padding solution for extra low profile.
  • 5 holes scapula wings sliders for greater adjustment.
  • Scapula wings adopts to outside the jacket and protectors

TX-2 Tachometer
Item #: 16-136

Designed especially for Sleds and ATV’s, this rugged built Tachometer is ready for this seasons aggressive runs. The TX-2 records and re-plays the run for clearer, precise information. The re-play offers selectable playback speed, pause and rewind features, AC & DC operation make the TX-2 the perfect Tach. The 4 1/2" is Dash or Pedestal Mounting while the 4" is a dash mount. Includes Power Harness/Remote Switch, GPS MPH Antenna, Mounting Hardware & Manual. Voltage regulator required (See listing below for voltage regulators).

With a TX-2 Recording Tach you can:

* Monitor, Record and Recall Engine RPM & Ground Speed

* Scroll through the recorded run on the LCD screen.

* Record Run for a full 1, 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Step through the stored run in real time or 1/3 time increments or pause and analyze.

* Remote Push Button to activate recording.

* Record from adjustable RPM threshold.

* Pause, rewind or fast forward to examine run down to 1/100 of a second

* Adjustable brightness, 13 color LED option

* Battery Not Required

What's in the Box: TX-2 Instrument, Power Harness/Remote Switch, GPS MPH Antenna, Mounting Hardware, Operation Manual


TX-1 Recording Tachometer, Pedestal Mount
Item #: 16-137

A Revolution in Gauge Technology! Designed especially for Sleds and ATV’s, this rugged built Tachometer is ready for this seasons aggressive runs. The TX-1 Records and Re-Plays the run for clearer, precise information. The Re-play offers selectable playback speed, Pause and rewind features, Cool Blue backlighting. A/C & DC operation make the TX-1 the perfect Tach. With a TX-1 Recording Tach you can: * Monitor and Record Engine RPM. * Recall Maximum RPM. * Scroll through the recorded run on the digital screen. * Record Run for a full 1, 5 or 10 minutes. Step through the stored run in real time or 1/3 time increments. * Control the gauge from a single, easy-to-reach push button to activate recording. * Record feature can be setup for a RPM threshold, to start recording at a designated RPM, so no recording time is lost. * Settable shift / warning LED light. * Pause run at any point or rewind & fast forward to examine run. * Examine run down to 1/hundredth of second. * Use in full daylight or complete darkness, at temperatures from above 130° F to below -20° F. * Shown w/ optional alarm light. * Battery not required SPECIFICS: Power~8-16v AC or DC Voltage Range~Operation Temperatures 130 degrees F to -20F Accurate~Digital stepper motor design proven in racing conditions Versatile~Only tach available to connect directly to distributor-less ignitions WITHOUT requiring any special tach adapter modules. This makes the installation much simpler than other instruments currently on the market. VOLTAGE REGULATOR REQUIRED (Item #16-152)

OUT OF STOCK-Special Order Only

See TX-2 Model Item #16-136



Brower Timing System
Item #: 16-368

Brower Timing Systems is proud to introduce the all New Test Center Timing System. With Brower Timings dedication to portability and ease of use, the TCi-System can all fit into a single lumbar pack making it the perfect tool for personal tuning and timing events. The TCi-System is designed to capture and organize testing data so at the end of the day each racer will have a profile with all of the day's tests and results.


  • Wireless timing with a range of up to 1100 feet
  • Accuracy to the 1/1000th of a second Miles per hour and kph mode allows racers to measure speed and time
  • Users can add up to 20 splits and store up to 499 number identified racers in the TC-Timer memory.
  • With the Smartphone Interface option all timer data can be downloaded to Smartphone or PC with the free Test Center App


  • TCi-Timer
  • Start TC-Photo Gate A & B
  • Finish TC-Photo Gate A & B
  • 4 or 6 Tripods (6" Tall)
  • Storage Lumbar Pack

(This kit is assembled specifically for snowmobile and motorsport applications. Will not work for track and field purposes)

SLP Clutch Press, Polaris/Comet/Arctic/Yamaha, Drive & Driven
Item #: 07-280

SLP Clutch Press Tools have been widely accepted as the most efficient clutch compression tool available. This revolutionary drive and driven clutch servicing tool is designed specifically for compressing and holding springs for ease of assembly and disassembly. These tools are specified in many factory repair manuals as a required specialty tool for clutch compression. Wrestling with the clutch or need for a second person to help is now history. Made compact, the SLP tool can be used for field testing or production clutch repair on the shop bench. High quality metal construction with powder coated finish and UHMW plastic wear patches and fingers provides a quality, functional tool that is extremely durable. New design allows dis assembly and assembly of all Rapid Reaction Secondary Clutches without any adapters.


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