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Wahl Drag Seats
Item #: 14-500A
These lightweight seats are 16” wide and 24” long. They come standard on all of the Wahl Brothers Drag Chassis. Self adhesive Velcro is supplied to attach the seat to the chassis. Seats are all black with your choice of red, green, blue or black trim. They weigh approximately 3 pounds.

Sled Brite Leather & Vinyl Cleaner, 32 oz.
Item #: 09-410

Sled Brite is a specially formulated line of snowmobile cleaners designed especially for snowmobiles. A Bio-Kleen branch of snowmobile cleaning products, you will not believe what they will do for you. Was $16.95 Now $8.50


Needle & Seat Assembly (early OEM)
Item #: 06-578
Fits many early OEM models. VM34 and likely others. Has a 9mm thread
VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-582
VM18 Needle & Seat Assemblies

VM30-48 Needle & Seat Assemblies
Item #: 06-560
Available with Steel or Viton tips. Steel needles are uncoated, while the Viton have a tough, durable poly coating that helps prevent fuel from seeping through.

Needle & Seat Assembly, 1.8 TMX
Item #: 06-580
Needle & Seat Assembly, 1.8 TMX
Side Seat Cushion, Oval
Item #: 14-514

Side Seat Cushion, Oval, 9 3/4" x 11 3/8" Tall. Cushion is made of a dense foam with a plastic UHMW back plate. Originally designed to fit on our Aluminum Running Board Fuel Tank (06-937) for a F-500 application. It could be used for other applications with slight modifications. Attach with velcro, sold separately.

Needle & Seat Assembly, 1.5 TM24
Item #: 06-587
Needle & Seat Assembly, 1.5 TM24
Needle & Seat Float Assembly, 1.5 TM38
Item #: 06-725
Needle & Seat Float Assembly, 1.5 TM38. OEM Polaris.
Spring Plates
Item #: 06-606
Spring Plates

Gaskets & O'Rings
Item #: 06-640
Gaskets & O'Rings

Mikuni VM Carburetors
Item #: 06-101
The tune ability of the VM Round-Slide Mikuni carburetor is hard to beat. All come standard with a cable type choke except for the VM 18, which has a lever type choke. Pre-jetting is available to your specs for an additional $25.00 per carb. Vm40 carbs are no longer available through Mikuni. VM48 carbs are special order. The VM18 and VM20 carbs are a clamp style mount and are not as pictured.

Part Number Size Main Jet Needle Jet Jet Needle Pilot Jet Needle & Seat Slide
06-101 VM18 80 145, 0-6 4F18 30 1.5 3
06-102 VM34 330 159, Q-0 6DH3 30 1.5 2.5
06-104 VM36 310 159, Q-5 6DH4 35 1.5 2.5
06-108 VM38 360 166, Q-0 6DH3 40 1.5 2.5
06-116 VM44 540 244, AA-5 7DH2 35 1.5 1.5

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Wahl Bros. Drag Chassis The Wahl Bros. Drag Chassis is custom built to suit your application. Featuring an Independent Front Suspension with Fox MXR Float Shock absorbers and your choice of either 9 or 10 tooth drive sprockets. This is a great machine for Ice, Snow or Grass! In addition your chassis ...[+]

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