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Cover Screw, 12 pc.
Item #: 07-612
Cover Screw, 12 pc.
Set Screw w/ Nylon Tip, ea.
Item #: 02-322
Replacement Set Screw w/ Nylon Tip for Coil Over Adapter Kits. Sold individually.
Coil Over Adapter Nut w/ Set Screw, ea.
Item #: 02-321
Replacement Coil Over Adapter Nut w/ Set Screw, ea.
1/4"-20 x 5/8" Flat Head Cap Screw
Item #: 01-099
1/4"-20 x 5/8" Flat Head Cap Screw
Driven Clutch Windage Covers
Item #: 07-840A

Available in the vented design. This lowers converter temperature considerably.

Mikuni Tool Kit
Item #: 06-559

A must have tool for working on your carburetors. Specifically designed to service Mikuni carburetors. Includes 6 & 9mm sockets, socket handle, jet wrench, 3 screw driver blades and multi purpose wrench in  a handy plastic carry case.

Carrier Wheels
Item #: 02-273A
Idler wheels with a 1" ID bearing and set screw locking. Works great to slide onto a rear suspension arm to deflect the track. All have rubber coating.

Venom Clutch Accessories
Item #: 08-093

Venom Clutch Accessories

Coil Over Adapter Kit
Item #: 02-319A
This threaded coil over kit can be used on Fox Shocks w/o a threaded body and also on oil shocks used in our Wahl Bros. Suspensions. Length is 4” and has a 1.560” ID or 1.650” ID. Both have a 1.840” OD. Comes with adjuster nut and a nylon tip set screw. Sold individually.

Hose Clamps
Item #: 10-321
A narrow 5/16” wide stainless steel clamp with stainless steel screw.

Windshield Rivet, Plasti-Lock
Item #: 14-096
Windshield Rivet, Plasti-Lock, 1/4" Screw-In Expanding Style Sold Individually

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