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Rubber Chaincase/Belt Guard Seal
Item #: 05-842

Rubber Chaincase/Belt Guard Seal. Sold by the foot.

Chaincase Seal, 42"
Item #: 05-822A
Chaincase Seal, 42" Fits the 2018 to Present Billet Champ Chaincase.
Gasket, Chaincase (Formula 500)
Item #: 17-820

Gasket, Chaincase (Formula 500)

Billet Chaincase Gasket, 13" Centers
Item #: 05-841

This gasket will fit our Wahl Bros. Billet Champ Chaincase (05-834/05-835)

Fits Pre 2018 Models.

Billet Chaincase Cover, 13'' Centers, Champ
Item #: 05-835

Billet Chaincase Cover, 13'' Centers, Champ, 2018

Tensioner, Chaincase (Formula 500)
Item #: 17-801

Tensioner, Chaincase (Formula 500)

Billet Chaincase, 13'' Centers, Champ
Item #: 05-834

Billet Chaincase, 13'' Centers, Champ, 2018

Polaris Synthetic Chaincase Oil, Qt.
Item #: 09-161

The lube you’ll want to prevent rust, oxidation and corrosion of internal chaincase components. Engineered and tested by Polaris for snowmobile chains and sprockets. Provides maximum protection for extreme operating temperatures. Low sulfur additive resists thermal break-down. Offered by Wahl Bros. in the quart size only.


Billet Chaincase Cover, Drag, ea.
Item #: 05-837
Billet Chaincase Cover, Drag, ea.
Oil Fill Plug, Chaincase, ea.
Item #: 05-838

Oil Fill Plug, Chaincase, ea.

Billet Chaincase
Item #: 05-836
The same chaincase used on the Wahl Bros. Drag Chassis. Will accept up to 26 tooth upper gear and 45 tooth lower gear. Center distance is 7.8125” and is 2” deep. Chaincase is held in place with the aluminum bearing holders. Cover and other components sold separately.
Klotz Chain Lube
Item #: 09-160

Klotz Chain Lube, 12 oz., KL-500

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