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Billet Chaincase Cover, 13'' Centers, Champ
Item #: 05-835

Billet Chaincase Cover, 13'' Centers, Champ, 2018

Billet Chaincase, 13'' Centers, Champ
Item #: 05-834

Billet Chaincase, 13'' Centers, Champ, 2018

Billet Chaincase Gasket, 13" Centers
Item #: 05-841

This gasket will fit our Wahl Bros. Billet Champ Chaincase (05-834/05-835)

Fits Pre 2018 Models.

Ski Saddle, 2" Wide w/3" Hole Centers
Item #: 03-029

Saddle, 2'' Wide with 3'' Hole Centers, 1/4'' Material Thickness.  Fit North Star Skis. Sold individually.

Ultimax XS Belts
Item #: 07-094

Today's high horsepower machines outperform many of the belts available today. The new Ultimax XS is the belt that racers have been waiting for. Revolutionary new compound and Aramax cord allow the XS to run cooler, longer and faster. Because of the thickness of the XS belt it may look like it is riding high in the secondary. The circumference of these belts measures longer than conventional belts because of the deep top cog. Made in the USA.

Brake Discs
Item #: 08-302
Brake Discs. Hubs sold separately. Fasteners not included.(May not be exactly as pictured)

Hayes X-32 Four Piston Caliper
Item #: 08-137

The four piston Hayes X-32 four piston caliper is the nicest we’ve seen. It features twin opposing 1.25” pistons for terrific stopping power. The X-32 inlet port is for a 10mm x 1.25 banjo fitting bolt. Caliper assy includes brake pads. Brake pad size is 1.25” x 2.75”. Compatable with discs 6” – 14”. Vertical mounting centers are 3.94”. Same as found on the Polaris Titan.

Hayes V-32 Dual Caliper
Item #: 08-133

A compact two piece dual piston caliper by Hayes featuring 1.25” pistons. Vertical mounting holes are on 2 3/8” centers. The V-32 inlet port is for a 10mm x 1.25 banjo fitting bolt. Caliper assy includes brake pads. Pad size is 1.20” x 1.50”.

Aluminum Brake Hub, 1'' ID with 1/4" Key
Item #: 08-300

Aluminum Brake Hub, 1'' ID with 1/4" Key (4 hole pattern on 3" centers)

Billet Spot Caliper
Item #: 08-171A

We found a great replacement caliper for the 175 and 150 series Hurst Airheart brake calipers. This thing will even use the same brake pads as the 175. This all Billet caliper is lightweight, but heavy duty with stopping power. The supplied aluminum spacer allows the caliper to fit over your brake disc. Hose inlet is 1/8” NPT. The mounting holes are on 2 5/16" centers. Brake pads are sold separately.

Billet Wilwood Dual Caliper
Item #: 08-197

This black anodized billet two-piston caliper is rigid and lightweight. Weighing only 2.2 lbs., it has internal fluid passage from one side to the other with a 1/8” NPT inlet for your brake hose connection. Piston size is 1 3/4” and mounting holes are on 3 3/4” centers. Using one each of the listed fittings, the 38” Wahl Champ hose connects directly to the Arctic/Wilwood Master Cylinder and this caliper. Order pads separately.

Rubber Track Suspensions
Item #: 02-165A

These original lightweight suspensions fit any stock or race 116" to 156” rubber track. They are also available for the narrow Arctic Firecat Chassis. Using the same technology as our cleated track suspensions, you have adjustments to control ski pressure and weight transfer as desired. The dual torsion type adjustable front arm spring allows for smooth front arm movement, making it the quickest suspension available for rubber tracks. Rail centers are 9”. These suspensions are used on ice and snow applications. The slides can be removed and wheels can be added to offer separate purposes like grass or asphalt racing. The suspension comes complete with three plastic rear idlers, cross shafts, mounting brackets, standard slides and a front wheel kit. Any option desired can be installed before shipping. Some are listed with the exchange price. Please supply us with rider weight and type of machine. Note: Suspensions are built to order, please allow additional processing time prior to shipping.

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