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Torque Arms
Item #: 11-276
The only Torque Arm you want! With a new design, Rubber dampening torque arms decrease vibration but still limit engine movement increasing belt life and acceleration.

480 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-035
The 480 series is the same as the 166 series except it has a large well (Bigger hole). All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

166 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-015
166 Series Needle Jets. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

224 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-079
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

159 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-001
159 Series Needle Jets for VM30-VM36. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

389 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-351
This series is for flat slide carbs. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

247 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-060
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

Polaris 11 Series Weights
Item #: 07-432

Because of their unique profile, these weights pull much harder on the start and through the midrange. All weights are machined from solid steel except the 07-436 which is a molded part like standard Polaris weights. We recommend using a weight that is one to two grams heavier than your existing weights. They are sold individually and are bushed.

Comet 20 Series Belt
Item #: 15-800
Comet belts for Mini-Sled applications. Belts are of the Kevlar type, have a width of 3/4", are tapered 13 degrees on each side and are .375” thick. We offer them in three different lengths. Center distance listed is for a 6” driven.

SS Clutch Kit (3/4")
Item #: 15-600

The “SS” Series (six shoes) is the standard clutch on the XCR 120 and Z 120. It comes with wedge shoes, a red racing spring and 10T sprocket. With the wedge shoes it will start at 2100 RPM and will lock up at 2300-2400 RPM. Fits chain #40, #41 and #420.

Dalton Polaris Helixes
Item #: 08-056
The Dalton “PR” radiused is patterned after the Polaris engineered “R” series helixes. They have short progressive shift angles radiused into a straight angle allowing faster starts while maintaining a quick back shift. Compatable with 1 7/16” drive belts.

Jet Washers & Extenders
Item #: 06-600
Jet Washers & Extenders

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