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Torque Arms
Item #: 11-276
The only Torque Arm you want! With a new design, Rubber dampening torque arms decrease vibration but still limit engine movement increasing belt life and acceleration.

480 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-035
The 480 series is the same as the 166 series except it has a large well (Bigger hole). All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

166 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-015
166 Series Needle Jets. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

224 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-079
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

159 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-001
159 Series Needle Jets for VM30-VM36. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

389 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-351
This series is for flat slide carbs. All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

247 Series Needle Jets
Item #: 06-060
All are listed from lean to rich. Sold individually.

Polaris 11 Series Weights
Item #: 07-432

Because of their unique profile, these weights pull much harder on the start and through the midrange. All weights are machined from solid steel except the 07-436 which is a molded part like standard Polaris weights. We recommend using a weight that is one to two grams heavier than your existing weights. They are sold individually and are bushed.

Comet 20 Series Belt
Item #: 15-800
Comet belts for Mini-Sled applications. Belts are of the Kevlar type, have a width of 3/4", are tapered 13 degrees on each side and are .375” thick. We offer them in three different lengths. Center distance listed is for a 6” driven.

Digitron 64
Item #: 16-301

The rugged billet design Digatron 64 series data logger with four channels offers many racer advantages. Use these systems to monitor engine, replay info on the instrument or download engine info onto your PC with the optional download cable. Large easy to read display and programmable LED warning lights. All functions record 20 times per second with maximums displayed when engine is stopped. A full four hours of circular recording allows ample data storage. Features self-charging internal lithium batteries and two AA batteries. CHT (cylinder head temp) can be installed on any unit and are available for standard 14mm sparkplugs and the large 18mm plugs. Instrument size is 5.00” x 2.75” x .500” thick with 4.18” x 1.50” LCD backlit display. Unit includes tach harness, sensors, mounting bracket and instructional CD. Included EGT sensors are clamp-on.

SS Clutch Kit (3/4")
Item #: 15-600

The “SS” Series (six shoes) is the standard clutch on the XCR 120 and Z 120. It comes with wedge shoes, a red racing spring and 10T sprocket. With the wedge shoes it will start at 2100 RPM and will lock up at 2300-2400 RPM. Fits chain #40, #41 and #420.

Dalton Polaris Helixes
Item #: 08-056
The Dalton “PR” radiused is patterned after the Polaris engineered “R” series helixes. They have short progressive shift angles radiused into a straight angle allowing faster starts while maintaining a quick back shift. Compatable with 1 7/16” drive belts.

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