Polaris Bushed Weights

Polaris Bushed WeightsPolaris Bushed Weights
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OEM weights from Polaris offered in either bushed or non-bushed styles. Full weights have a more consistent profile that causes the tip of the weight to be heavier making the weight more aggressive and thus pull harder through its cycle. Mod weights have a lighter tip which allows them to pull harder on the start while maintaining peak RPM. Sold individually.

  Description Price Quantity
07-564…..Polaris Weights, 10MB/Mod, 47.5g, OEM 1321529, each
07-565…..Polaris Weights, S49H/Full, 49, OEM 1321730, each
07-566…..Polaris Weights, 10M/10M5/Mod, 49.5g, OEM 1321528, each
07-567…..Polaris Weights, S51H, Full, 51g, OEM 1321731, each
07-568…..Polaris Weights, 10/Mod, 51.5g, OEM 1321526, each
07-569…..Polaris Weights, S53H, Full, 53g, OEM 1321759, each
07-570…..Polaris Weights, 10AL/Mod, 53g, OEM 1321531, each
07-573…..Polaris Weights, 10-54/Mod, 54g, OEM 1321685, each
07-574…..Polaris Weights, 10-56/Mod, 56g, OEM 1321684, each
07-576…..Polaris Weights, 10-58/Mod, 58g, OEM 1321588, each
07-578…..Polaris Weights, 10-60/Mod, 60g, OEM 1321587, each
07-580…..Polaris Weights, 10-62/Mod, 62.5g, OEM 1321586, each
07-582…..Polaris Weights, 10-64, 63.5g, OEM 1321585, each
07-584…..Polaris Weights, 10-66/Mod, 66.5g, OEM 1321584, each
07-585…..Polaris Weights, 10-68, 68 g, OEM 1322427, each
07-586…..Polaris Weights, 10-70, 70 g, OEM 1322414, each
07-587…..Polaris Weights, 10-72, 72 g, OEM 1322428, each
07-588…..Polaris Weights, 10-74, 74 g, OEM 1322429, each
07-591…..Polaris Weights, 10-78, 78 g, OEM 1322586, each
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