NTN Idler Wheel Bearings

NTN Idler Wheel Bearings

NTN has engineered integral features into every snowmobile bearing to produce equaled performance and longevity. The bearing by NTN has optimum fill, special low temperature grease. These are the best bearings for the cold, snowy, abusive climate of snowmobiles.

  Description Price Quantity
02-390…..NTN 5/8” ID Bearing, OEM 6202
02-391…..NTN Formula 20mm ID Bearing, OEM 6004
02-395…..NTN Formula 20mm ID Bearing, OEM 6204
02-397…..NTN 20mm ID Bearing, 52mm OD, OEM 6304LLU
02-392…..NTN Formula 25mm ID Bearing, OEM 6205
02-394…..NTN 1” ID Bearing, OEM 6205, Larger ID
02-403…..NTN 25mm ID Bearing, OEM 6205 (Import)
05-839...NTN Bearing, 25mm ID, Double Row
05-840…..NTN Spherical Bearing w/Lock Collar, 25mm ID, AEL205D1
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