Comet Weights

Comet WeightsComet Weights
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Full weights have a more consistent profile that causes the tip of the weight to be heavier making the weight more aggressive and thus pull harder through its cycle. Mod weights have a lighter tip which allows them to pull harder on the start while maintaining peak RPM. Sold individually, these weights come with bushings.

  Description Price Quantity
07-452…..Comet Weights, A-39 Full, 39.0g, OEM 217288, each
07-453…..Comet Weights, A-27 Notched, 39.7g, OEM 216091, each
07-454…..Comet Weights, A-14 Mod, 40.3g, OEM 214172, each
07-457…..Comet Weights, A-10 Mod, 41.3g, OEM 213371, each
07-458…..Comet Weights, A-7 Mod, 42.5g, OEM 212822, each
07-465…..Comet Weights, A-3 Full, 45.0g, OEM 208268, each
07-469…..Comet Weights, A-19 Mod, 46.2g, OEM 215407, each
07-471…..Comet Weights, A-17 Mod, 46.5g, OEM 215149, each
07-472…..Comet Weights, A-28 Mod/Notched, 46.5g, OEM 216381, each
07-473…..Comet Weights, A-22 Mod/Notched, 46.9g, OEM 215867, each
07-474…..Comet Weights, A-1 Full, 47.3g, OEM 209940, each
07-475…..Comet Weights, A-4 Full, 47.5g, OEM 212135, each
07-476…..Comet Weights, AB-2 Full, 47.7g, OEM 208457, each
07-477…..Comet Weights, A-2 Full, 48.0g, OEM 208221, each
07-478…..Comet Weights, A-1 Full, 49.0g, OEM 207689, each
07-479…..Comet Weights, A-11 Full, 49.0g, OEM 213400, each
07-480…..Comet Weights, A-20 Full, 49.2g, OEM 215575, each
07-481…..Comet Weights, A-52 Notched, 49.5g, OEM 216087, each
07-483…..Comet Weights, A-16 Mod, 50.0g, OEM 214898, each
07-485…..Comet Weights, AC-1 Full, 52.3g, OEM 215242, each
07-487…..Comet Weights, A-18 Full, 52.7g, OEM 215400, each
07-488…..Comet Weights, A-23 Notched, 53.5g, OEM 216061, each
07-489…..Comet Weights, A-54 Full, 54.3g, OEM 214651, each
07-490…..Comet Weights, AC-3 Mod/Notched, 54.3g, OEM 215922, each
07-491…..Comet Weights, AC Full, 56.5g, OEM 215218, each
VForce Reed Gasket, Ski-Doo, G3122
Side Seat Cushion, Oval
Billet Chaincase, 13'' Centers, Champ
6" x 100 lb Spring
Dalton Polaris Drive Spring
Aluminum Rear Idlers, 2 Wheel (Exchange)

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