Comet Weights

Comet WeightsComet Weights
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Full weights have a more consistent profile that causes the tip of the weight to be heavier making the weight more aggressive and thus pull harder through its cycle. Mod weights have a lighter tip which allows them to pull harder on the start while maintaining peak RPM. Sold individually, these weights come with bushings.

  Description Price Quantity
07-452…..Comet Weights, A-39 Full, 39.0g, OEM 217288, each
07-453…..Comet Weights, A-27 Notched, 39.7g, OEM 216091, each
07-454…..Comet Weights, A-14 Mod, 40.3g, OEM 214172, each
07-457…..Comet Weights, A-10 Mod, 41.3g, OEM 213371, each
07-458…..Comet Weights, A-7 Mod, 42.5g, OEM 212822, each
07-465…..Comet Weights, A-3 Full, 45.0g, OEM 208268, each
07-469…..Comet Weights, A-19 Mod, 46.2g, OEM 215407, each
07-471…..Comet Weights, A-17 Mod, 46.5g, OEM 215149, each
07-472…..Comet Weights, A-28 Mod/Notched, 46.5g, OEM 216381, each
07-473…..Comet Weights, A-22 Mod/Notched, 46.9g, OEM 215867, each
07-474…..Comet Weights, A-1 Full, 47.3g, OEM 209940, each
07-475…..Comet Weights, A-4 Full, 47.5g, OEM 212135, each
07-476…..Comet Weights, AB-2 Full, 47.7g, OEM 208457, each
07-477…..Comet Weights, A-2 Full, 48.0g, OEM 208221, each
07-478…..Comet Weights, A-1 Full, 49.0g, OEM 207689, each
07-479…..Comet Weights, A-11 Full, 49.0g, OEM 213400, each
07-480…..Comet Weights, A-20 Full, 49.2g, OEM 215575, each
07-481…..Comet Weights, A-52 Notched, 49.5g, OEM 216087, each
07-483…..Comet Weights, A-16 Mod, 50.0g, OEM 214898, each
07-485…..Comet Weights, AC-1 Full, 52.3g, OEM 215242, each
07-487…..Comet Weights, A-18 Full, 52.7g, OEM 215400, each
07-488…..Comet Weights, A-23 Notched, 53.5g, OEM 216061, each
07-489…..Comet Weights, A-54 Full, 54.3g, OEM 214651, each
07-490…..Comet Weights, AC-3 Mod/Notched, 54.3g, OEM 215922, each
07-491…..Comet Weights, AC Full, 56.5g, OEM 215218, each
Steel Wear Bar with 2'' Carbide Inserts, pr.
Single Tank Plate, ea.
Torque Stop, Engine
Replacement Bulb, Illuminated Magnifier, ea.
Yamaha UHMW Slides
7/8" Wide HYVO Chain

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